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January 15, 2017


This has nothing to do with politics but I wish to spread awareness about the yellow ribbon or something yellow attached to a dog’s leash. Being the furmom of a territorial and fearful chowchow, I had to learn to manage my furkid to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, majority of us do not understand that there are dogs like mine that need space.

In my case, Chowee is fine. So long as the human stranger(s) keep(s) a certain distance,  about 6 feet. He doesn’t react at most times with other dogs and in fact can be quite patient with them. He won’t fight back if provoked by another dog.

The chowchow has a reputation of being fierce (mabangis) because they were bred to protect the emperor, but at the same time, these dogs are so cute and cuddly that people gravitate towards them wanting to cuddle them. The latter has been a challenge to me so to prevent people from going too near Chowee, I would tell them that he bites and they back off immediately.

To make it easier for fur parents like myself, the came up with this poster that illustrates the purpose of the yellow ribbon.

Please share this with your friends and family so that more people will understand and respect furkids that need space.


Photo from The Yellow Dog Project’s Facebook page

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