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December 25, 2016


Times are changing for the better. Nowadays, more establishments allow us to bring our furkids along. When I was younger, I had to train my poodle to “play dead” and carry her in my arms like a stuffed toy so that we could enter the club where we would stay in Baguio.

I asked my fellow OC furmoms for recommendations of dog-friendly places they frequent and we do hope that more establishments will open their doors for our four legged babies.

Lani says she usually takes her dogs to Eastwood, Estancia, or Greenbelt, which she thinks are the most pet friendly malls in Manila. The other malls require them to be carried or stay in a stroller. She also brings them to Whole Pet Kitchen in San Juan (near Cafe Ysabel) because that’s where she buys their food. We need more pet friendly places!

According to Kat, weekends are for bonding with Lizzie. Estancia Mall is their favorite destination. It’s the best pet friendly mall in the city because you can even bring your furkid inside the mall where it is cooler. Kat takes Lizzie for long walks inside the mall where the floors are clean. She hopes pet parents will be responsible enough to keep the mall that way by cleaning up after their dog.

Kat loves Wholesome Table because they allow Lizzie in the main dining area and they love the fact that they serve healthy and delicious food and drinks. Kat also recommends Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf simply because they allow pets inside their shop, which offers refuge from the heat after long walks in BGC and Ayala Triangle Gardens. For some formal dining, they recommend Blackbird by Chef Colin MacKay at Neilson Tower, Ayala Triangle (dogs are allowed at the al fresco area of the restaurant).

Lizzie at Angelfields Nature Sanctuary

For short out of town road trips, they go to Marcia Adams in Tagaytay another pet friendly place, the restaurant is beautiful and the food is superb. Another favorite place to go to is Angelfields Nature Sanctuary in the Tagaytay and Acuaverde Resort in Laiya Batangas. Kat puts high value on cleanliness and service and these two destinations are very good when you just want to be away with your furkid on weekends.  

Discovery Shores in Boracay is the best destination that Lizzie had been to in the Philippines, so far. Their service is impeccable and they made sure that Lizzie was provided with old newspapers for her toilet needs. They even gave her a treat bag. They hope to bring Lizzie to El Nido soon.

For furmom Jennie, her favorite café is Whole Pet Kitchen where they have separate menus for dogs and their humans. Her furkids’ favorite items are Jack’s Lasagna (named after Jack the golden retriever of Giannina owner of the café) and the probiotic Pupsicles.

Jennie also recommends Estancia mall since they do not discriminate against big or small dogs. The restos inside the mall with “outdoor” tables (outside the resto but still inside the air-conditioned mall don’t mind if you dine with your well behaved dog. Like Kat, Jennie also frequents Eastwood Mall particularly the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf where, like Kat mentioned, dogs are allowed inside the coffee shop).

For short road trips outside Metro Manila, Jennie recommends Acuaverde Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. The resort is absolutely pet friendly and the service and accommodations top notch! Her furkids are treated like VIPs! For a more rustic experience, she recommends Sambali Beach Farm in Botolan, Zambales. They have well-appointed rooms in heirloom Filipiniana theme. They raise their own vegetables and chickens in their organic farm, and their food is EXCELLENT!

Jennie’s beloved Hunter was a regular guest of Acuaverde for the past 5 years till his demise last August. It is a touching gesture for the resort to honor his memory by including him in their 2017 calendar and giving tribute with a collage of his photos taken at the resort.

Jennie also suggests to check out petfriendlyph on Instagram for a list of pet-friendly places in and out of Metro Manila which other pet parents have visited.

Lastly, Chowee and I would like to greet each one of you a Merry Christmas!


Photos from Katrina Nepomuceno, Hunter’s Dog House, and Whole Pet Kitchen


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