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April 30, 2017

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the Philippines

Choosing a dog is not an easy task. You must do thorough research about dog breeds and ask the following questions to help you choose:

Are you an active/outdoorsy type of person or do you prefer the indoors?

Do you have small children?

Do you live in a high-rise building or do you have space where your dog can roam?

Are you looking for a companion or a guard dog?

Furthermore, do you prefer a puppy that needs to be trained and socialized or adopt an adult dog that needs less supervision?

I did some research on the top popular dog breeds. These are ranked from highest to lowest number of registered dog owners at the Philippine Canine Club Inc. (PCCI).

  1. Shih Tzu (known as the Chrysanthemum Dog) is a toy breed. We had two gorgeous females who got compliments whenever we’d walk them. They are loyal, outgoing, and are lap dogs that enjoy cuddling. These dogs are laid back and kid-friendly, making them excellent family dogs.

    Gorgeous tri color Shih Tzu Kashmir from Forbidden City. That was her name in her PCCI papers.

    Gorgeous tri color Shih Tzu Kashmir from Forbidden City. That was her name in her PCCI papers.

  1. Chihuahuas are considered as one of the smallest breeds and can be fiercely loyal to one person. They can be noisy and overprotective of their owner when other humans or pets are around.
  1. Pomeranian is classified as a toy breed because of their size. This breed tends to remain alert to changes in the environment. They are also territorial and may bark or make noise at anyone they perceive to be a threat. They are intelligent, highly trainable, but can be aggressive if not trained properly.

    A Pomeranian sporting a lion cut for the summer. We tease him as Chowee's mini me.

    A Pomeranian sporting a lion cut for the summer. We tease him as Chowee’s mini me.

  1. The Siberian husky is a medium sized working dog that originated from North Eastern Siberia. Like most northern breeds, they have two coats: a dense undercoat and a topcoat that needs regular grooming. Unlike most dogs, Huskies howl instead of barking and can dig under or jump over fences. They are good with children but require regular exercise to prevent them from being destructive.
  1. Beagles are small- to medium-sized dogs. They don’t drool and have a very keen sense of smell, which is maybe the reason why airlines and security guards use them. This breed is popular because of its size, gentle disposition, and is less susceptible to health problems. Because they can be single-minded, this breed is quite challenging to train.
  1. Labrador Retriever is a popular choice for service dogs. They are friendly, pleasant, outgoing, trusting and are quite active. They are popular with children, but like Huskies, require lots of training and play time.
  1. Chow chow is also known as Songshi Quan or puffy-lion dog. They are believed to have originated from Mongolia and Northern China. Three years of being a chow owner taught me that chows are not for first-time dog owners. This breed is more cat-like in character because they are aloof, independent, intelligent, and stubborn! They are fiercely loyal and need to be socialized and trained at a young age to become relaxed and friendly as adults.
  1. Pugs originated from China and are characterized by their wrinkly, short-muzzled faces and a curly tails. They are gentle companion dogs known for being sociable. They prefer to be around their humans because they often crave attention and affection. They are strong-willed but rarely aggressive, making them suitable for families with small children.

    Chowee's clicker training class where we trained with from left to right a beagle, a pug, our teacher Brad Feliciano, and team Chowee.

    Chowee’s clicker training class where we trained with (from left) a beagle, a pug, our teacher Brad Feliciano, and team Chowee.

  1. Poodle comes in three sizes: big (also called standard), miniature, and toy. They are intelligent, graceful, and elegant dogs. They can sometimes be possessive, and they need lots of grooming and brushing.
  1. The German Shepherd is considered to be the third smartest dog breed. Originally bred to herd sheep, this large breed is the popular choice for service dogs, for use in rescue, military, and police work. Our first few dogs were German Shepherds that were trained to guard our home but were also the perfect playmates.

In his talk about dog behavior, Jojo Isorena of Better Dog Canine Behavior Center said having a dog is a lifestyle. I agree with him. As a dog owner, it is our duty to provide these wonderful beings their basic needs like food, a loving home, exercise, and medical attention.

I hope this list helps you choose your new fur kid!

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