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May 31, 2019


There is a time to every purpose under heaven, as the words of a classic song from the 60s that goes: “To everything, turn, turn, turn…”

It’s so true when you are in Europe, most especially in Portugal, Spain, or France, and I am sure in Italy where consumers respect the seasonality of everything—from fish to tomatoes and spinach! They have learned to eat and cook only what is really in season.

“Can we eat Sardines in Portugal?,” I asked. “Next month because it is not yet the season,” is the reply.

In France, we visited a farmers market and looked for spinach for our favorite spinach and feta salad. “Sorry, it is not in season,” they said.

Indeed, we should actually check what is in season, and learn to cook and create other recipes with what is available. This is when fruits are sweetest and fish is in abundance. Vegetables also are grown in different seasons with Nature’s reason of giving us what we need at different times of the year. That is what we call natural. It is going with the flow and finding out what Nature has in store.

This is so different from other countries where you will now find some fruits every month of the year like mangoes and guavas. Hybridization has given rise to “year round” harvest of what should have been seasonal.

Give it some thought. Why do they observe seasonality in Europe—at least in the countryside—while we in Asia want the fruits all year round?

Think natural and compare the fruits: which are “sa panahon” or in season with those that are available all year round.

There is a difference. Taste it.


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