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July 12, 2018


With all the videos online that I’ve been seeing about how plastic is wreaking havoc on animals and the environment, I’ve been feeling very guilty about the amount of plastic I’ve been using in my everyday life. As horrible as it now sounds, I am a plastic addict. Ziploc bags, straws and bottled drinks are some of the regulars that I use every single day. I am slowly but surely training myself, however, to stop using single-use plastic and making an effort to recycle and segregate better as I see more and more how awful its effects are in the world.

Just today, my cousin, who is on vacation in Antique, saw a dead Pawikan aka Sea Turtle or Marine Turtle on the local beach. She said, according to the locals, it was probably there to lay her eggs and died because it ingested plastic.

A mature nesting female Pawikan hauls itself onto the beach to find suitable sand to create a nest of about 16 to 20 inches deep for her eggs then covers it again with sand so it can’t be detected before returning to the ocean. It takes decades for a sea turtle to reach sexual maturity and research shows that due to human interference only 2 out of 1,000 sea turtles survive to sexual maturity.

In the Philippines there are 5 Pawikan species—four are classified as endangered and one is classified as critically endangered. It’s realities like these that freak me out because sea turtles are important to sustaining our oceans and I would like future generations to still be able to enjoy both the Pawikans and the oceans.

One of the steps that I am taking to lessen my plastic usage is switching to reusable straws. Yes, I know this seems like such a small thing, but for someone like me who uses plastic straws in almost every drink I drink, every single day, that is a big deal. I have been searching for a straw/s that I like that I would actually use and this is what I found…

What I like about the selection of Strawsomeph of stainless steel straws is that it comes in different colors and they have 3 types to choose from: bent, straight and bubble and they have the brush to clean it.

If you prefer something more natural, bamboo straws are now also available in the market. Just make sure your bamboo straws are “all natural” and no chemical, pesticides and preservatives were used to make it.



Photos from the IG account of Ms. Cel Franco, Strawesomeph, and Bamboo Straw Girl


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