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September 5, 2017


This September 12, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 8, their 10th anniversary phone.

There is no official announcement yet by Apple but speculation is so loud with the announcement for an “Apple Special Event” on September 12 at 10 a.m. PDT, live on, of the the first-ever event and keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater, as well as this invitation to journalists:

Apple, iphone 8, steve jobs, nico garcia, manilaspeak, tech tuesdaysMac rumors are so strong that there are even details on what will be launched.

First, we are hearing that the iPhone 8 is expected to feature an overhauled design, a new advanced camera and facial recognition technology.

The “Theoretical” iPhone 8

Other expected features include a faster A11 processor, edge to edge display, facial recognition that may replace Touch ID, the dissolution of the Home button, and wireless charging, which I am looking forward to!

There is also a rumor that the iPhone 8 will be launched alongside the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S+.

Included in this launch supposedly will also be their new 4K Apple TV and Apple Watch 3 that can connect to mobile networks.

For many many months now, I have been waiting for this because of all the hype that was drummed up last year. It’s always a mystery actually and the theatrics of Apple’s events always excites. As an avid fan, I am hoping that the new products that will come out this year will be revolutionary.

The “Theoretical” 4K Apple TV

I am also looking forward to how Apple will drop a product on this year’s giddy semi-expecting crowd. You have to realize that for fans like me, next week’s event will be the biggest event of the year, comparable to next year’s WWDC.

The “Theoretical” Apple Watch 3

Take note: ever since the launch of the iPhone 5 in September 2012, iPhones have been unveiled on the ninth month of the year. As a result, excitement about a new iPhone builds up throughout the summer months. By the end of August, we usually have a good idea of when the September event will take place.

A typical Apple launch

Aside from the new hardware that will be introduced, Apple will introduce their new iOS, the iOS 11. It was announced back in June at the firm’s yearly WWDC developers conference. Since then, we have been seeing a lot of Beta users showing off how cool this new update will be for iPhone and iPad users.

iOS 11

This all-new operating system will bring a host of updates to the iPhone including improved Siri and Apple Maps. The iPad also sees one of its biggest ever upgrades, with the popular tablet getting extra features such as a new dock, ability to drag and drop, plus improved multitasking.

iOS 11

It is yet to be seen whether the new iOS will be out and available for download after they introduce the new iPhone. But many out there are speculating that once this new device is announced, previous years’ experience have always proven that the updated iOS follows soon.

iOS 11

In fact, we’re expecting to see the iOS 11 released around one week after the new iPhone.

This would mean that Apple users should see the blockbuster update on their devices on either Tuesday (September 19th) or Wednesday (September 20th). And that, for me, is a HUGE OMG moment!


Photos from The InquirerThe Mac Observer, TheAppleGoogle, Yahoo! Finance, MacRumors, CNET, and The Indian Express 


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