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May 5, 2015

5 Ways to Help the People of Nepal Through Tech

Despite the continuous international aid for the victims of the recent super earthquake in Nepal, we can still see that they have a long way to go towards the road to recovery.

This why I am writing this article, to make it easier for those who want to give and donate as much financial support as possible.

Here are some ways to donate which are available at the click of a button:

1. Facebook

The social media giant has recently just set up a donation platform that enables users to donate directly to the International Medical Corps. Rest assured that 100% of the proceeds will go directly to provide help through first-response care and hygiene kits to the survivors.

Nico Garcia, 5 Ways to Help Nepal Through Tech, Facebook, May5

Aside from that, Facebook has also pledged $2 million to the efforts of the above mentioned organization. The process of donating here will also motivate your friends and followers to do the same good deed.

2. World Vision

World Vision is an NGO that you can definitely trust! With their countless efforts for orphans and homeless children all over the world, and with their drive towards absolute transparency, there is no doubt that 100% of your donation will go directly to the struggling survivors of Nepal.

Nico Garcia, 5 Ways to Help Nepal Through Tech, World Vision, May5

Simply click here if you want to give. They also have an auto give function for those just want to give and give.

3. Apple iTunes Store

Apple has found a way in the facilitation of donations. By helping the American Red Cross solicit support for the victims of Nepal, you are guaranteed with transparency and accountability from Apple and the American Red Cross.

Nico Garcia, 5 Ways to Help Nepal Through Tech, Apple iTunes Store, May5

Click the donate button in the iPhones App Store and you’re one step closer to helping the earthquake victims.

Nico Garcia, 5 Ways to Help Nepal Through Tech, International Federation, May5

4. Global Giving

In a world full of problems, this Non-Profit Organization (NPO) is full of solutions. Global Giving is run by innovative people who focus on the grassroots by implementing projects and organizations that work towards educating children, feeding the hungry, building houses, training women (and men) with job skills, and hundreds of other amazing things like focusing on emergency help. It includes providing aid to the victims of the Nepal Earthquake.

Nico Garcia, 5 Ways to Help Nepal Through Tech, Global Giving, May5

This charity fundraising website has been raising money for NPOs and other cause-oriented groups since 2002. To date, Global Giving has raised $174,709,863 from 454,374 donors who have supported 12,099 projects.

If you want to donate to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal, just click here.

5. Caritas Manila

I’m really happy that the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippine is making an effort to use tech to provide relief donations. The interface may not be as straight forward (like the other four where the amounts are already indicated so the donor just has to click the amount they want to donate) but it’s a start! Just click on the three options available in their page. It is also a very trustworthy NPO that is known for its accountability and transparency.

Caritas Manila, which was founded by the late great Rufino Cardinal Santos, is an NPO that focuses on harnessing the resources of the Catholic Church towards educational assistance, job placements, and of course medical assistance, crisis assistance, and emergency relief.

Nico Garcia, 5 Ways to Help Nepal Through Tech, Caritas Manila, May5

It is essential that we send as much aid as we can. And with the advantage of using today’s technology, efforts are more effective and efficient. We can help more survivors as the Nepalese fight for their survival against this horrible natural disaster. It already claimed more than 7,000 lives as of press time and devastated countless cultural infrastructures.

Remember, it is in giving that we receive! Support them NOW!


Photos from the Facebook page of Nepal Earthquake Support, World Vision, Global Giving, and Caritas Manila

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