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October 10, 2017


After the hype, comes the fun. I  recently updated my iOS to its newest version and to be honest it’s like buying a new phone, from the customizable control center to the new App Store, the vibe I feel is quite refreshing, to say the least.

My only complaint is that they took out the force touch multitasking feature wherein you have to just press the leftmost side of the iPhone to see what apps are in use and at the same time swipe up to switch them off.

5 of the coolest hidden features of iOS 11:

The One Handed Keyboard. For those who have the plus versions of the newest iPhones, this feature would come in handy for those who like to text with one hand especially if they’re on the go. All you have to do is first is long press either the Globe icon or Smiley Face icon on the lower left part of your message keyboard.

A pop-up option will then come out showing you 3 types of keyboard layouts one oriented on the left, the standard one and one oriented to the right. Choose whichever keyboard you want that makes you comfortable and that’s it, you can now type or text with one hand.

Hidden Camera Level Feature. Go to Settings, then look for Camera, then  Grid. Now when taking an overhead picture you will see two crosshairs, line them up to get perfectly leveled photos.  

From this same Setting option, you can also activate your cameras option to scan QR Codes directly, pretty handy.


Screen Record. Go to Settings, then go to Control Center, and click on Customize Controls and add Screen Recording.

Now try swiping up and press the icon for to start recording. Your phone will now record your screen movement without audio. To record with audio using your mic force touch the record button and you’ll see an icon for microphone audio, turn it on. All recorded movies will go straight to your photos folder.


Optimize Storage. Go to Setting, then click on General and then click the iPhone Storage option. The phone will offer you options for memory optimization like offloading unused apps and optimizing photo space.

Share WiFi Password. Don’t you just hate having to give your password over and over again to you those who you’re close with every time they want to bump off your WiFi? iOS 11 has this really cool feature wherein you can send your password to them with just a click of a button. ust click share password and presto no need to type those long alphanumeric passwords with special characters anymore. The only catch to this feature is that the phone you’re sharing your WiFi with must be also on iOS 11.

If you find out more cool features that weren’t mentioned here,  please don’t hesitate to share it here on my page! Have a great day my friends and don’t forget before you update to iOS 11, to make a full backup of your phone on your Mac, icloud, or any computer that you’re using.


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