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January 4, 2019


A couple of weeks ago, I saw a Facebook post of author, Russell Molina on children’s books tackling the very sensitive subject of bullying. (And so happy to reveal that they are all written by Filipino authors!)

Magnificent Benito and his Two Front Teeth by Augie Rivera and Mike Rivera; Illustrations by Jason Moss

Poor Benito was born with the largest set of two front teeth! Find out how this laughingstock turns out to be someone uniquely gifted.
—Adarna Books

Bully Big Pig written and illustrated by Katti Sta. Ana

Bully Big Pig is the product of a playful imagination–is a rude gigantic creature that resembles a pig. The town of Ula-la is literally turned into a pig pen by the rudeness of Bully Big Pig, the Uli-lis awaken, learn to think and to work together, and reform their lazy lives filled with vices.

Halimaw by Russell Molina and illustrated by Rommel Joson

There’s a monster at Empoy’s school. Every day Empoy dreads getting up and going to school because the shape-shifting monster lurks within the vast grounds of their campus. Even in his dreams, this fearsome, fire-breathing monster haunts him. Empoy lives in so much fear that one day, he becomes sick and can’t go to school. Young and old alike can learn something from HALIMAW, a story about facing monsters and finding the fighter within.

And here are some more recommendations on his Facebook post:

Sampung Magkakaibigan by Kristing Canon and illustrated by Ruben de Jesus

There were ten friends: Karlo and his nine classmates. They like to play, study, and help each other. But sometimes, it is unpleasant to be with Karlo. What could Karlo be doing for his friends to slowly avoid him? Will the friends ever become ten again?
—Adarna Books

Apolakus! by Alice Mallari and illustrated by Leo Agtuca

One Monday morning, the boy Dadoy disappeared and a little magician appeared. In one flick of his magic wand and a loud “Gimokus apolakus!” amazing things happen. But when the boy magician comes face-to-face with Jay-Jay and Yuki, his powers go away. How can the boy magician beat them?
—Adarna Books

I also asked book recommendations from my mom, writer Neni Sta. Romana Cruz, and she added:

Filemon Mamon by Christine Bellen and illustrated by Jason Moss

“Charge!” shouts Filemon Mamon, raising his arms that shook with fat. He dreams of playing the revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio for the school play. Do lead roles only go to skinny people?
—Adarna Books

Truly, books can be one of the ways to start the conversation on bullying.



Photos from Adarna and Amazon

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