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November 29, 2017


Suzuki Philippines (SPH), a wholly-owned Japanese multinational firm that specializes in the manufacture and sale of motorcycle and distribution of compact vehicles in the country, recently launched the new-generation Vitara at the Metrotent Convention Center in Pasig City.

SUZUKI OFFICERS AND GUESTS (from left): Norminio Mojica – Managing Director & Treasurer, Suzuki Philippines; Shigeo Takezawa, Department General Manager, Asia Automobile Department, Asia Automobile Division; Hiroshi Suzuki – President, Suzuki Philippines Shuzo Hoshikura – General Manager for Automobile, Suzuki Philippines; Nobutaka Suzuki – Department General Manager, Global Automobile Planning Department, Global Busines Administration Planning Division; Cecil Capacete – Assistant General Manager for Automobile, Suzuki Philippines

Suzuki Motor Corp. Asia Automobile Department General Manager Shigeo Takezawa shared during the launch, “On behalf of the Suzuki Motor Corporation, I would like to congratulate Suzuki Philippines for successfully bringing in the new Vitara. May the launch of the new Vitara inspire you to show the same level of commitment and dedication to share with more Filipinos the Suzuki Way of Life. Millennials can look forward to a safe, comfortable, and optimum driving experience that for many years Filipinos have anticipated with the next-generation Vitara.”

For more than three decades, the Vitara has been known for enhanced driving performance, and off-road capabilities. In addition to technological innovations, Suzuki’s new subcompact SUV is now equipped with features that encourage individuality, personalization, safer driving and fuel efficiency that aim to target the millennial market.

Shuzo Hoshikura

“Equipped with the longest and widest dimension in its class with the best radius performance, the features of the new Vitara are aimed at providing the best value in terms of design, performance and fuel efficiency. The subcompact SUV allows drivers to freely express their individuality and personalize their vehicles with its wide array of colors and accessory packages,” SPH Automobile Division General Manager Shuzo Hoshikura announced.

With three models, the GLX, GL and GL+ to choose from, the exterior design of the new Vitara with its modernized Suzuki SUV signature clamshell bonnet exudes a strong yet sophisticated presence. The side press lines and smooth roofline suggest a youthful, rugged look, and strong aerodynamic performance.

The new Vitara has an overall width of 1,775mm, height of 1,610mm, length of 4,175mm and a minimum ground clearance of 185mm, making it the longest and widest in its class with the best turning radius performance.

Unique daytime running lamps with vertically placed LEDs and energy-saving LED headlamps with a blue projector cover are standard with the GLX model, while projector halogen headlamps featuring good light distribution for the low beam are used in the GL and GL+ models. Polished alloy wheels are available in 17 inches for GLX variant, 16 inches alloy wheel for GL+ and 16 inches steel wheel with full caps for GL variants.

The interiors combine muscular contours and sporty feel. The instrument panel conveys a youthful look with its upper linear design that includes a round clock and a round air outlet. All variants feature 6-speed automatic transmission, paddle shifter and audio steering control.

Using high-quality fabric, the seats of the GLX model feature a combination of leather and suede-type fabric for classier feel. For added premium, the Vitara GLX  has a panoramic sunroof designed with two glass panels that can be both slid to provide the biggest opening in its class. The GLX and GL+ models also feature a footwell lamp and keyless push start system.

Besides handsfree connectivity, the new Vitara’s Infotainment audio system packs navigation, Bluetooth audio, and a USB port for a more enjoyable ride. The GLX variant enable on-the-go connectivity through its Wi-Fi support while the MirrorLink function links the rider’s smartphone with the SUV’s Android based infotainment system. It is available in 10 inches for GLX, the biggest in its class, while the GL+ and the GL variants have the same features at 7 inches.

The luggage space can accommodate up to 375L, expandable by lowering the luggage board or removing the dividers on both sides of the luggage area. To accommodate large suitcases, the rear seats can be folded to make way for up to 710L.

For safety, the new Vitara features cruise control system and speed limiter, ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear bumpers with reverse camera that detect obstacles during parking, an automatic light system that turns headlamps and tail lamps on and off, and automatic wipers triggered depending on the extent of rainfall and vehicle speed.

Its electronic stability program (ESP) automatically controls the engine torque and brakes upon detection of a wheel slip to ensure the driver maintains directional control. The hillhold control helps the driver to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward on an upward climb. In the event of a collision, the new Vitara has an impact-absorbing design focused on the front bumpers. The brake pedal release system limits the pedal’s movement toward the driver in case of a frontal impact.

For further protection for the occupants, the Vitara’s Total Effective Control Technology (TECT) absorbs impact and the seatbelts use force limiter to mitigate impact to the chest. The Vitara GLX’s 6-point airbag system comprising of dual, curtain and side airbags for the driver and passenger provides greater protection.

With notes from SPH, the new Vitara delivers enhanced fuel efficiency with its updated 1.6-liter engine to deliver the highest torque performance of 156Nm at 4,400rpm and best maximum output in its class at 115hp at 6,000rpm. The newly developed 6-speed AT system ensures better response to the 1.6L-petrol engine.

The Vitara comes in various colors and designs. GLX variants are available in two-tone colors, namely Atlantis Turquoise Pearl, Horizon Orange Metallic, and Bright Red Metallic. GL+ and GL variants are available in Cool white Pearl, Silky Silver Metallic, Galactic Gray Metallic, Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic and Atlantis Turquoise Pearl Metallic. The new Vitara comes in the following prices: GLX – Php 1,048,000.00; GL+ Php 938,000.00 and GL (TBA).



Photos by Bess Zamora


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