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November 13, 2016


The past week I interviewed several devoted furmoms and a furdad about how they pamper their furkids. I asked them about their MUST-HAVES, which I originally limited to five, but majority of them had more than five! So, I opted to categorize the items on their list. They also generously shared with me their lists and why they feel their furkids must have these items.

They also shared tips like how to massage your furkid or where to bring them around Metro Manila as well as short road trips outside the city.

With so much information shared by these devoted fur parents, I now have enough material for my column for the next couple of weeks!

This week, let’s find out what our furkids need for Training and Playtime:

Anna Sarmiento

Cake artist at Little Miss OC’s Kitchen & proud furmom of Fluffy a 15-year-old female Shih Tzu; Snowie, a 7-year-old female Coton de Tulear; and Goliath, a year old male Yorkshire Terrier. Follow @mini_goliath on Instagram to see the pampered Yorkie.

Anna’s MUST-HAVES are a variety of toys to keep Goliath occupied when Anna is busy in the kitchen. Goliath has a high food & play drive so Anna sometimes uses these toys as reward in lieu of food treats.

Aleth Ocampo, Dogspeak. Anna Ocampo Mini Goliath Toys. Dog toys

Anna also has treats that she cuts into tiny pieces so that Goliath won’t get full right away.

Aleth Ocampo, Dogspeak, Anna Ocampo Mini Goliath Treats

Lani Lim

Lani is a teacher by profession and doting furmom to Lumi, a 1 year and 4-month-old female Coton de Tulear, and Bailey, a close to 4-year-old male Bichon Frisé

Aleth Ocampo, Dogspeak. Dogs of Lani Lim.

Lani says her top criteria in choosing toys are they should not be choking hazards and if they can help clean her furkids’ teeth. For her dogs, she likes the Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone. This is a nylon chew toy baked with real bacon, her dogs can spend hours chewing this and it doesn’t break into shards so it’s very safe.

Aleth Ocampo, Dogspeak. Lani Lim Dog, dog treats, dog toysAleth Ocampo, Dogspeak. Lani Lim Dog, dog treats, dog toys

Other Must-haves:

The GoDog Plush Toys with Chewguard Technology: These are dinosaur plush toys that are made with a particular material and sewn a certain way so that it’s hard for the dogs to destroy the toy. It also has very little stuffing and squeaks. She just makes sure to cut the tags off.

Booda Fresh and Floss Rope Toy: If your dog likes rope toys or playing tug, this one is really good because it has spearmint dental floss and baking soda built into the fibers so it helps with keeping their teeth clean.

Pet Stages Dental Chew Toys: This was really useful when the dogs were teething but these can also be enjoyed during hot summer days. Basically you immerse the toys in water then freeze them so that it’s cool when they play with them.

Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottosson recommends Interactive Dog Puzzles: These are treat-based puzzle games that you can play together with your dog (great for bonding) and helps increase their intelligence. They are made out of BPA-free non-toxic plastic and are easy to clean. There are 3 difficulty levels: easy, moderate and genius depending on your dog’s problem solving skills. We usually save these for those rainy days when they can’t go out and have cabin fever.

Aleth Ocampo, Dogspeak. Lani Lim dogs, dog treats, dog puzzles.

Puzzles for Bailey of Lani Lim

Pepper Teehankee

Columnist for Philippine Star & loving furdad to, 4-year-old male French Bulldog. Check out #pierresportraits to view the artworks inspired by Pierre done by various artists.


Pepper Teehankee’s Pierre the French Bulldog. Pierre with three of his smallest squeaky toys. He chooses one to play with, depending on his mood. When he gets tired of one, he’ll return it to his toy corner and choose another toy.


Aleth Ocampo, Dogspeak. Pepper Teehankee, Pierre the French Bulldog.

Pierre with his plush squeaky toy. He also prefers playing with softer squeaky toys when he gets tired of the hard ones.


Aleth Ocampo. Dogspeak. Pierre the French Bulldog of Pepper Teehankee.

Obviously Pierre loves squeaky things. Pepper’s mom bought this squeaky panda plush toy for him in Japan. This toy has a rope so Pepper can interact with Pierre who loves playing tug-o-war with this… of course, Pepper always pretend to lose.


Aleth Ocampo. Dogspeak. Pepper Teehankee. Pierre the French bulldog

Pepper originally bought this Oinking rubber pig so that Pierre would have a pet pig… Pierre loves it so much, especially if it oinks and he sleeps with this sometimes.

Tennis balls are his only toys that don’t squeak yet he plays with them. Pierre is almost like a retriever when his furdad throws these and he runs after it and returns it to his human. Pierre also loves it when Pepper throws all these balls at the same time… he gets confused which to get first.

To be continued next week….

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