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December 3, 2016


Let’s welcome back Lani Lim, furmom of Bailey and Lumi. Here are her must-haves for their Beauty & Wellness (She says her list may seem “exagg” but she feels that she has to be very fastidious when it comes to grooming because her babies are furry white dogs. It can be challenging to keep them looking clean so having the proper product is essential.):


Chris Christensen brushes
This is a brand that caters to show dogs and they have a wide-range of products but I feel that it is their brushes that are really the gold standard when it comes to grooming tools. They are well-made and they get the job done quickly which is good when you are working on squirming dogs. But you have to make sure you use the right brushes for their breed, like Bailey has curly hair and Lumi has straight hair, so they have a different set of brushes. The website is pretty helpful they have a section where they recommend products by breed so you can see what your dog needs.

Tear Stain Remover Comb
White dogs are prone to red tear stains if their eyes are not kept pristine. We use this to comb out the gunk that accumulates near their tear ducts.

Eye Envy Tear and Beard Stain Remover
We use these on the fur near their eyes and mouth to keep their faces clean. It has no bleach or peroxide so it is very safe for them.

Bailey and Lumi with their grooming essentials

Bailey and Lumi with their grooming essentials (L-R): Oscar Frank Pet Slicker Brush, Chris Christensen 16mm T-Brush, Chris Christensen 20mm Wooden Pin Brush, Chris Christensen Poodle Comb, Chris Christensen Face Comb, and Petpost Tear Stain Remover Comb (Photo courtesy of Lani Lim)

Spa by Tropiclean Tearless Facial Cleanser
This is a shampoo we use specifically for the face to keep it white. It’s all natural and made with oatmeal and blueberries.

Greenmama Cat & Dog Shampoo 
We used to buy imported shampoos until I discovered this local brand which is actually much better than anything we have ever used. It is organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and VCO-based. It is really good for my dogs’ sensitive skin, their fur becomes very soft and they smell great too.


Bailey’s shampoo

Kong ZoomGroom Shampoo brush
We use this to lather the shampoo, get all the loose hairs off and it’s also a sort of massage that makes the bath more relaxing for the dogs.

Ionic hair dryer
It doesn’t matter what brand, but the technology allows for the fur to dry faster using less heat and makes their hair shinier.

Earthbath All Natural Deodorizing Spritz
It comes in a variety of scents but we use it because of the natural ingredients and moisturizers that keep their skin healthy. I think cheap dog colognes will use alcohol that can lead to dry skin.


Tropiclean Clean Teeth Gel
The dogs get their teeth brushed once a day but we use this before they go to sleep. I just use my fingers and rub it on their teeth, they like the taste and when they lick it the gel spreads around the mouth. It’s made with natural ingredients and helps fight plaque and tartar.

aleth-ocampo-must-have-beauty-and-wellness-2-bailey-paw-butter-2016dec4Pet-Cool Products
This is a line of dog products from Japan. All are good but I like two in particular: the Pet-cool Bean Essence and the Pet-cool Organic Shea Butter. The Pet-cool Bean Essence is an anti-tick spray that has no smell whatsoever (most tick sprays have a weird, herbal smell) so we use this when the dogs go on their daily walk around the village. On the other hand, the Pet-cool Organic Shea Butter that is a cream we rub into their paws to keep it moisturized and because it is made of food-grade shea butter, even if they lick it off it’s still good for them.



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