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March 30, 2015

Girl Talk: An Illustrated Guide by Christie Young

Girl TalkQuick fact: the Philippines is considered to be a very good market for self-help books, especially in mass market format (a.k.a “pocket books”). Some may find the term “self-help” loathsome or patronizing but guidebooks on how to live a better life have incredibly long life spans here. Consider how a couple of titles How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (circa 1948) and How to Enjoy Life and Your Job (circa 1970) by Dale Carnegie have been continuously selling for decades in our bookstores. On the pop culture front, no self-respecting bookstore will be caught dead without the modern-day classics: Why Men Love Bitches and its equally successful installment Why Men Marry Bitches. I must confess to eventually breaking down and getting a copy of the former for myself after seeing yet another four-digit order for the nth time. But that is a story for another time and place, as I’m moving to yet one more self-improvement tome: GIRL TALK, subtitled UNSOLICITED ADVICE FOR MODERN LADIES by Christie Young.

Christie Young is an illustrator/ web designer whose works have appeared in cool publications like Nylon and Good (A Magazine for the Global Citizen). I figured an illustrated guidebook will be fun, which is what it turned out to be. GIRL TALK is being touted to target media-savvy, whiskey-swilling Millennials who shop at indie stores. I guess this is the reason why the book doesn’t have a table of contents and simply flows from one chapter to the next: Talk of the Town dispenses advice about moving to new places and making a home for yourself; Body Talk  includes health, fashion and tattooing advice; Family and Friends includes thoughts on acquiring pets; Love Line has a funny section on decoding the subtexts of his texts; and a final chapter called Talk it Out, which is a free-for all  and addresses all kinds of crazy fears, including having small fish swim up your butt at the beach and eating, drinking, and going to the movies alone.

Girl Talk (Unsolicited Advice for Modern Ladies) An Illustrated Guide is on sale August 26, 2014. Now available in selected bookstores.

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