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December 6, 2014

Lettering vs. Typography: What’s the Difference?

Some say typography is a technique – some say it is an artform. How do you feel about typography?

Let’s call it lettering. What I am currently doing is called lettering. There is a difference between the two; Typography is a technique/skills while lettering is the art form.
What characterizes a good “type/font” your point of view?
Every artist has their favorite font type. But for me,  the simpler the better and the more it becomes appealing to me.


Why did you decide to be a graphic designer? What part does typography play in it?
I am a graduate of Fine Arts major in Advertising. This course introduced me to my love for arts. I enjoyed designing and creating things through drawing. Typography came to play because I believe it is a part of how I set the mood for my artworks.

Check out more of June Digan’s works on her Instagram account.
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