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February 15, 2014

Of Lezzies, Love and Valentines

I don’t like receiving flowers. I love looking at them and taking pictures of them. But I get frustrated when I receive them, knowing that in a few days they’ll wilt and die. So I would often tell my lovers, don’t give me flowers because I don’t want our relationship to last a week. That is why I don’t get flowers – ever.

I don’t like chocolates – except when it’s at that time of the month. After the first bite, I’d give the rest away. Same way with cakes – one slice and am happy. That is if you’re lucky. Most of the time, I’d just give it away. So, no cakes and chocolates for me.

So how do I prefer spending my Valentine’s day or any special day for that matter?

Long Hugs
I love long hugs. I love waking up and finding my love next to me. Usually I’d snuggle and snore in 5 seconds. I would get tickled pink if I’d wake up and we’d still be hugging each other [along with the numb shoulders – but that’s ok].

Cook Fest
If I love you, I will cook for you. If you love me, I’d feel very special if you will cook for me. While there’s nothing romantic about chopping garlic, onions and tomatoes, washing fish and meat, it’s the sights and sounds of doing something together or the anticipation of getting something special in the end that turns me on. So she wants her pasta sauce less salty? I’ll let her taste it and I’d lick her lips if I want to taste it as well. Uhm – you get what I mean.

Going Outdoors
There was a time when my girlfriend pulled me out from work at 5am and told me, “Let’s eat out.” By “out” she meant outside our small balcony. She set the table for two and we had hotsilog in the dark. The timing was perfect. As we were almost done with our meal, we were treated to a blazing summer dawn. We sipped our coffee in silence, watching the clouds give birth to the sun.

Bedtime Blues
Since I work at night – our sleeping schedules rarely synchronize. What makes it special is that we try to tuck each other to bed. Yes, after doing the salonpas/white flower massage, we’d hug and kiss before tucking her to sleep. After that, I’d quietly move away and work.

My lesbian partnership can be as boring or as exciting as any hetero relationship. Little things matter. Perhaps it is because we’re both women [read: talkative], that communication isn’t just an important part of our relationship – it is THE relationship.

My relationship has never been what love songs profess and confess about losing yourself in someone. It’s how we can become the best we can be as we spend our lives together.


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