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October 20, 2018


This piece is written by Sofi Bernedo, our guest writer in Write Things.

“We’re a special kind of team and that’s why Lamudi Future Leaders Program happened,” Lamudi CEO Bhavna Suresh said, as she ushered in shortlisted applicants during the Lamudi Future Leaders Open House held last September 24 in Spaces World Plaza, BGC. Though Lamudi is currently still accepting applicants for the program, some of the brilliant young minds the company had been searching for have been shortlisted, and were introduced to the Future Leaders Program (a year-long venture featuring an in-depth test run as a member of the Lamudi team), beginning with a short snapshot and montage viewing of the opportunities present within the company, and followed by an opening remark by Suresh.

Who among them will be the next Lamudi Future Leaders?

Suresh then moved on to address the concept of working young, as the attendants at the Open House are fresh graduates, sprung from some of the finest universities in the Philippines; “Responsibility at such a young age teaches you so much more, so imagine at 26 or 27, you’re already responsible for handling your own team. This just doesn’t happen to everyone and the decisions you make are not yours alone; they impact the whole team. That’s an added learning that you can get at a high-growth company,” Suresh said, unlocking key points with regard to the current workforce and the advantages of taking a position entailing leadership as soon as possible.

Lamudi CEO, Bhavna Suresh welcoming the shortlisted applicants of the Lamudi Future Leaders Program

Following Suresh’s welcome remarks, the graduates were then granted the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the company through testimonials from some of its employees. The talks touched on topics such as the overall Lamudi experience, workplace culture, and the controversial Start-Up vs Corporate debate, from the point of view of Kalibrr’s recruitment adviser, Paige Tribdino.

The Open House attendants were also able to talk to representatives from the Operations, Marketing Sales and IT teams, where each of the Lamudi representatives entertained questions and shared significantly regarding their work and project experiences, as well as their individual journeys with the Lamudi Team. Each of the seasoned members of the company—having worked with Lamudi for extended periods of time—shared stories and lessons they had learned while working with the company, allowing their growth and bringing them out of their comfort zone. This interaction allowed the attendees to get a glimpse of the company from a more personal perspective, clueing them in on what to expect as they move in to becoming part of the Future Leaders Program.

Lamudi Future Leaders aspirants at work during the LEGO Serious Play activity

The attendees were also able to engage in LEGO Serious Play, as moderated by a certified LEGO Serious Play Facilitator, and were given the chance to network and cultivate friendships with other aspiring Lamudi Future Leaders as they exercised their creative and cooperative abilities. This simultaneously thought-provoking and enjoyable outlet became one of the highlights for the Open House. The endeavor, aimed toward testing the participants’ outstanding talents and grasp on collaborative work, allowed everyone a chance to demonstrate their dynamic personalities and skills; a further prod into some of the most outstanding characteristics desired by the company in its successful candidates and permanent employees.

The first batch of applicants of Lamudi’s Future Leaders Program interacts with Lamudi employees

As Lamudi expands, upholding their title as the number one online real estate platform in the Philippines, the incorporation of the Future Leaders Program has become an integral part of the company. The program will run for a total of one (1) year, where a carefully selected group of trainees will be given the chance to jumpstart their careers in online real estate as their progress is tracked through their successes in managing various assigned targets and project initiatives.  Successful trainees will then graduate and be granted a new position title as a permanent part of the Lamudi Team.

Lamudi is still accepting applicants for the Lamudi Future Leaders Program. To learn more about the program, please visit is the leading online real estate platform that offers a wide range of properties for sale and for rent in the Philippines. It has over 100,000 properties listed, receiving around 1.5 million visitors per month. Property seekers can easily find a house, condo, apartment, land, or a commercial space online. Individual sellers and real estate brokers are guaranteed a trusted online presence by providing them their own personalized page.

The company provides a high level of transparency through professional photos, comprehensive property details, and regularly updated listings. The users combine location, property type, and offer type effortlessly to find exactly what they are looking for. Whether permanently, for long-term, or for short-term, using Lamudi to buy or rent properties is fast, secure, and stress-free.



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