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September 11, 2018


This piece is written by Marion Chan, our guest writer in Write Things.

Hermione was sick. She was sick of people all talking about their wizard parents and showing off their owls or cats. She did not want to admit to people—or herself—that she was annoyed at Harry Potter. The Harry Potter! He should have smarter not to make such an annoying friend! A Weasly was an old wizard family. Unlike hers. She was most likely the only witch in her entire bloodline! She was ashamed at herself for feeling this way. Did she really feel this way? She was determined to start over. And this time, all feelings aside. This was Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

Harry Potter, meanwhile, was enjoying the fact he had a friend. But was at the same time worried. Would he be able to remember his books? Would he be able to make new friends? Harry adjusted his glasses and tried to hope for the best, no matter hard that was. Besides, for the first time in his life, he had a friend. A single friend… but it was a start. And many things can be accomplished with friendship.

5 days later:

Hermione gave up. That Harry Potter and his friend were too much. Hermione had as much as she hated—ran to the girls bathroom and began to cry. Harry Potter and his friend would never be a friend of hers. That she was certain about. Suddenly, the door flew open. She whipped around. And nearly fainted in fright. For there, glowering at her, was a gigantic troll, baring its terrible fangs at her.

Harry Potter could barely grip his wand. Not even a full week at Hogwarts and he would either be killed or expelled. But he had to—what? Do something heroic? Boast to the school? Make his parents impressed? But still, he felt a certain need of duty. Ron and Harry ran to the girls’ bathroom… YES! They had done it! They had locked it in. Now all they had to do was tell the teachers and—a terrible yell of horror rang from inside the bathroom. “Hermione!”

Hermione tried to cast a spell. “You’re a witch.” She told herself sternly. “You know all the spells by heart.” She insisted. She took a deep breath, raised her wand and Hermione realized she didn’t remember anything! “Think Hermione!” She told herself. But no powerful spell, no witty solution or at least something that would distract the troll floated up. The troll was not completely stupid and noticed this. It balled one huge hand into a fist, about to squash Hermione flat but—“Wingardium Leviosa!” Hermione did not open her eyes immediately. She may have imagined it. But 5 seconds…1-… still alive. She opened her eyes, and to her shock and disbelief, she saw Ron and Harry, the two people she thought hated most—attacking the troll to save her life.

Harry Potter’s body went on autopilot. When he looked back on it—what he did was… stupid. He jumped on the troll’s back, and thrust his wand up the troll’s nose. He clung on for dear life, pushing the wand up the nose harder still. Until Ron was able to knock it out by jinxing the troll’s huge club. Hermione opened her mouth, hopefully to give thanks, but at that moment, teachers flooded through the doors.

The next few moments were a blur. Snape looked so furious his look would have turned stone to dust. McGonagall shouting at Ron and Harry was all she caught. She would be dead if it was not for their brave stupidity. They had her, who had been so cold to them. So she did what she had never done before. She lied.

Harry Potter was aghast when Hermione lied. It was a convincing story, actually. And Harry was relieved. “I’m very grateful for what do you did back there.” Hermione had said. “That was very brave” Harry grinned. “So… friends?” Hermione grinned, “Friends!”


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Marion Chan is 8 years old and attends Assumption College, San Lorenzo. She is working on a book called “Marline & Si, The War of Demons”. She lives in Makati, Philippines with her younger brother, Marco.


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