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October 26, 2013



All I can offer

is the fun of an antic

mind, will o’ the wisp

of notion and imagination,


a sense of joie de vivre,

a few au courant suggestions

that may masquerade

as nuggets of wisdom.


Do we tell on one another’s

extras, ensembles? Maybe.

Dunno if it’s best, but could be so.

The moral order of aesthetics

I like to think we share dictates we do.


On the other hand, all those may serve

as further test of barriers, parameters

of emotion, to see how much the other

can take, without going haywire. Aiee,

aye, there’s the rub and the fear.


Then again,

if we find that we don’t mind, either it enters

an even more special niche of relations, or catches

itself slip-sliding away. Maybe we say, how be jealous

when one is not possessed, yet how be sane when obsessed?


*  *  *


I am sorry for being a double-edged sword.

One blade cuts to the quick and pares off all raiments

to arrive quickly at joy. The other drags the core down

to now dull, now sharp extravaganzas of misery.


Why, if querida in Spanish means dearest, beloved,

must it be downgraded to mistress in our understanding?

Does there have to be another room, so secret,

when one crosses the border from colonial to native?


Questions, questions. When all that matters

is the hour the minute the moment

when you are all there is, all

that can be.


*  *  *


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