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September 9, 2018


A little over a month ago I had the pleasure of, once again, attending Marriott Manila’s annual bridal event, Marry Me At Marriott. This is the 6th year of Marry Me At Marriott and every year, challenging as it may be, they are able to show something different. A few years ago, the fashion show was really the main thing that I looked forward to seeing at this event. Now I’m just as curious to find out how the venue will be set up. The Marriott Grand Ballroom really is the most versatile venue in the country today.

For this year’s event they had lights cascading from the ceiling and chandeliers that went up and down along the long runway during the fashion show. It’s interesting to see how they make use of the technology and the space to really showcase the pieces in the different collections. Amir Sali, for example, one of the participating designers this year, had a model wearing a headpiece in the form of a bird and at the end of the catwalk she stood in the middle of the stage and the chandelier was lowered down to enclose her giving the visual of a bird in a cage. I wouldn’t have been able to truly appreciate the bird headpiece had it not been for the drama of the chandelier.

Marry Me At Marriott is also known for featuring remarkable designers in the wedding fashion industry. Rosenthal Tee and Mak Tumang presented together with Amir Sali for this year’s event.

Rosenthal Tee is a young designer who broke into the scene in 2014 as the youngest Filipino designer to be part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Malaysia. Since then she has also been part of New York Fashion Week. Marry Me At Marriott was her introduction to the local bridal wear scene.

Mak Tumang has been in the industry for some time now. His designs have been recognized internationally, even made into a life-size cake at London’s Cake International (yup, you read that right, it was made into a cake). He is also the designer behind the gown of Catriona Grey at this year’s Bb. Pilipinas Pageant where she won as Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and Best in Long Gown.

Amir Sali, also known as the “Prince of Beads” in the fashion industry, got his start as fashion designer with Middle Eastern royalty. They sent him to Paris to study design where he specialized in embellishment. He was the first designer to stage a fashion show in Saudi Arabia and in a palace in Riyadh, no less.

Another highlight of this year’s Marry Me At Marriott was the fabulous cake display from Chef David Socrates, the super talented cake artist of Marriott Manila. Here are my favorites from the display that night…

I thought the built-in LCD screen was a really cool idea. It’s perfect for quirky couples who want to make a statement on their big day. The stained glass illusion all lit up was just so pretty!

What makes Marry Me At Marriott different from other wedding events in the country is how it truly gives you a full wedding reception experience. They take all the elements and show you what can be done with it and if there’s no limit on your budget, there’s no limit to the possibilities. You can really let your imagination run wild and have the Marriott Manila team help bring your ideas to life.



Photos and videos from Goldee Luxe’s IG account


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