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June 10, 2018


When in Paris one of my must see and things to do is to check out the fashion exhibitions. This trip I was super lucky because I was able to see three exhibitions during our 1 week visit to the City of Lights. My takeaway from every exhibition is not just a better understanding of the aesthetic of a designer but also the amount of work that goes into every design, giving me a better appreciation of why they are called “luxury pieces”.

One of the exhibitions I went to was Margiela: les années Hermès (Margiela: the Hermès years) at the Musée des Arts décoratifs, which runs until September 2 of this year. To be honest, prior to the exhibition, I didn’t know much about Martin Margiela, in large part because there really isn’t much information about him out there. I just knew the name Margiela because of the collaborations they’ve done with brands such as H&M, Converse and L’Oreal. This particular exhibition showcases his time as Creative Director for Hermès from 1997 to 2003. What you’ll find are iconic pieces from his ready-to-wear collections with the brand over that period.

Photo from MAD Paris (

His design concepts are impressive, to say the least. The versatility of his pieces are mind blowing. What he came up with is “a gradually evolving wardrobe with comfort, quality and timelessness as its basic elements.” He came up with his own twists on classic pieces like the suit, the tuxedo, and the trench coat.

A trench coat that can be worn with or without the sleeves.

A feminine take on the classic suit, which also happens to be a very hot trend at the moment.

His designs were multi-functional and multi-layered, allowing them to be combined and altered in many ways.

Fur over leather, cashmere over fur.

Layers of knit wear in complimenting shades.

He was known for his innovation not just in design but also in materials. The seamless wool is credited to him, as well as the doublé de même finishing which used linings of the same material so stitching and seams were invisible.

Wear it with sleeves or wear it as a cape.

From a dress to a skirt by simply tucking in the material and wearing a belt.

Is it a shawl, a jacket or cape?

A design that I thought was cool and would have loved to wear but don’t know if I’d really be able to pull off is the comforter coat. It is literally pulling your comforter over you and using it as a jacket.

He was also a rebel during his time because he was reworking second-hand clothes into new creations. He was the first to make recycling/repurposing/upcycling cool.

This exhibition showcases not only his talent but his brilliance. Almost every piece I saw in the exhibition I wanted to have. I started not knowing much about the Margiela or his aesthetic and left in complete awe of his work.

If you plan to visit Paris any time soon and want to see something other than the usual tourist spots, the exhibition runs until September 2, 2018.




Photos by Goldee Luxe


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