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October 26, 2019


Expressing one’s individuality through analog means is becoming an important part of navigating our technology-driven world. People are increasingly documenting their lives, art and work in handwritten letters, journals, planners and sketchbooks. To celebrate this growing interest in specialty pens, ink and paper, Fountain Pen Network-Philippines, Inc. is holding the second Manila Pen Show on November 16 and 17, 2019 at the Holiday Inn and Suites Makati. Show hours are 9am to 6pm on both days. Raffle tickets will be issued in exchange for donations to charity, in lieu of an entrance fee.

Fountain Pen Network-Philippines successfully organized the first Manila Pen Show as a one-day event in 2018 to celebrate its tenth anniversary as a hobby group. Due to public demand, this year’s event is now being held for two days, at a bigger venue.

This is the vendor list for the 2019 Manila Pen Show.

Visiting a pen show is a great way of meeting fellow enthusiasts, collectors, and dealers. Pen shows are done annually in a number of cities around the world. Among the well-known ones are the DC Supershow (Washington, DC), and the European pen shows in London, Hamburg and Madrid. In the Asia-Pacific region pen shows have been held in Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and Singapore.

Modern and vintage pens will be available, as well as fountain pen inks, paper products and accessories. Participating international retailers include Aesthetic Bay (Singapore), Atelier Musubi (Singapore), Newton Pens (USA), Pengallery (Malaysia), Pierre Cardin (Hong Kong), Regalia Writing Labs (USA) and Straits Pen (Singapore).

Local retailers and brands represented at the pen show include Calibre and Friends, Cross Pens, Everything Calligraphy, Faber-Castell, Gav ‘n Sav, Guia’s Vintage Pens, Inks by Vinta, Kasama Pens, Lamy, National Bookstore/Noteworthy, Pengrafik, Peter Bangayan, Scribe, Shibui, and Troublemaker Inks. Enthusiasts with minor repair needs or who require nib regrinds can visit the booths of nibmeisters John Lim or JP’s Pen Spa.

Workshops, as well as talks by special guests, have been organized for both days of the show.

Follow the Manila Pen Show on Instagram at @manilapenshow, and join the Facebook group too. You can also follow the official hashtags at #manilapenshow and #manilapenshow2019.

Fountain Pen Network-Philippines is a writing instruments, pen repair, ink and stationery interest group, with roughly 8,700 members on Facebook. It was organized to promote the use of fountain pens and preserve the art of the handwritten word.



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