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November 10, 2017


SUPPORT—Everyone Needs It
The gift of support for a friend is something you cannot buy but is much appreciated. Sometimes, empty-nesters need someone to talk to, someone to shop with or simply someone to listen. In the busyness of life we sometimes find it difficult to just stop, look and listen. And listen well.

A young mother is stressing over her child who has started to hurt herself and has been in several bouts of depression. The solution may be for the mother to simply stop what she is busy with, stay with her daughter, and just be together physically and not just virtually. There is nothing like the real physical presence of a loved one. More than texts and social media, physical is always best.

Giving a little of our time to a stranger may mean heaven or hell for someone we do not even know. But there are times we just need to be an inspiration  to others. Just allowing them to talk to us about nothingness may mean the world to someone who probably just needed our ear, even if we do not know them. I met someone on my way out of a conference and she started talking to me about wellness and homeopathy and health. While waiting for my ride I just listened and nodded in agreement. I think it meant the world to her to have someone listen to her ideas about life and well being.

Allow people to dream the impossible and encourage them to pursue it. Even if they hit only the first base, or first mile, it is still an accomplishment. Let people dream about material things, success in their chosen career but simply have a dream. After all, as the saying goes, dreams are free.

Now this is the gift you may have to help people with but by getting them started on a better way of life or a sustainable lifestyle. Start from the home and check what products they use. Are they all good products that contain no harmful chemicals? Are they conscious of what they use from the time they wake up to the time they retire? What cleaning materials do they use?

Check the pantry. Are they still using white products like white sugar, white flour and white bread? Change their habits by letting them try healthier choices. These need not be expensive and now are available from local sources. You can check the products in ECHOstore and see what staples you can find for the home: rice, sugar, coffee, VCO, chocolates, etc.

Check the bathroom. Do they use commercial grade SLS-laden products? Make them try natural bee products, coconut oil based products and those with no harmful chemicals.

Check the dining table. Are there still a lot of imported processed food and snacks? We have lots of locally-produced healthier choices available. Cashew nuts, pili nuts, coconut chips, and the now mainstream Camote chips. Are they now exposed to grass-fed beef over the grain-fed ones? Are they aware about free-range chicken rather than the commercial grade available in big box stores?

And that is something we can start to do this Christmas. In the interest of helping our loved ones, let’s help them live healthier lives by choosing for them. Bring them healthier choices and make that vote to try and eat local at all times.

But that is presuming we have already started by gifting ourselves first. Think about the best gift you can give yourself—a Healthier version of You!

Start now. It’s Christmas shopping to inspire, to support and to help not only ourselves but our loved ones.

Happy Shopping!


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