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September 13, 2015

Bazaars: List of Requirements

I love selling. I love talking to people and showing them ideas on how to use the products my company creates. I just hate paperwork. I don’t like doing the paperwork. That’s why we hire accountants to help us file our taxes and keep our paperwork up to date. We have to. As a concessionaire I am expected to be responsible for BIR registration and securing local permits. So that means if I have a bazaar in Pasay, Alabang and Quezon City, I have to make sure that I have the necessary forms and paid the fees for me to be able to sell in those areas.

Please remember, even if your business is seasonal, you are expected to pay taxes. Even home-based businesses such as baking cookies must be properly registered. This means you have to get:

BIR Business Registration Requirements

  1. Certification
    1. DTI Certification (Single Proprietor)
    2. Articles of Partnership SEC (Partnership)
    3. Certificate of Incorporation SEC (Corporation)
  2. Tax Identification Number TIN (Professional/Consultant)
  3. Contract of Lease or Land Title
    1. Contract of Lease – if you rent the place
    2. Land Title / Tax Declaration – if you own the place
  4. Mayor’s Permit
    1. Barangay Clearance

If you have completed all of these BIR requirements, you can now register with the BIR.

We’ve joined so many bazaars in the past 9 years that we keep a set of filled up forms in each folder so that when we need to submit stuff, it is easy.


Most, if not all bazaar organizers will often ask for the following:

  1. Participation fee. This differs for each bazaar. It normally means  one booth slot.  This is normally non-refundable.
  2. Product images or samples. This is required if you are a new concessionaire. Most bazaars do not allow selling of fake branded items and imitations.
  3. Certificate Of Registration – Form 2303
    *3 originally signed Certificate of Expanded Withholding Tax (CEWT) or BIR Form 2307 (if your company will withhold taxes).
  4. BIR FORM Form 0605
    – Registration Fees
    – Corporation BIR FORM 1903 or Sole proprietorship BIR FORM 1901
  5. Official Receipt or Sales Invoice
    – (If your office is not located in the bazaar area, you need to write a letter to the Head Office of BIR with stamp of BIR *City*)
  6. DTI / SEC Papers
  7. You must have your book of accounts and receipts during the bazaar dates to record your sales.

Some bazaars, specially those that run for more than 14 days will ask for the following:
1. A Filled up Sales Invoice from the Organizer
2. Sales Report (To be submitted at the end of the bazaar day before leaving)

If you are new and your paperwork isn’t complete or would just want to test market your product, ask your bazaar organizer as to what they can do to assist you. This is on a case-to-case basis. Most bazaar organizers are strict because they too, have to pay their own taxes.

Concessionaires are legally called privilege stores by the BIR ” a stall or outlet which is not permanently fixed to the ground and is normally set up in places like shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, villages or subdivisions, churches, parks, streets and other public places, for the purpose of selling a variety of goods/services for short durations of time or during special events (including festivals, fiestas, etc.). Provided, however, that should the store engage in any business activity for a cumulative period of more than fifteen (15) days” (BIR Regulations No. 16-2013).

Still confused? Here are some sites that can assist you:

  1. 10 Easy Steps to BIR Business Registration and a Complete List of BIR Registration Requirements
  2. List Of BIR Forms

As of this posting, these two major bazaars are still accepting applications!

Disclaimer: This post is for guidance only. When it comes to business and tax requirements please ask your accountant or legal tax consultant for details that are applicable to your situation or what you wish to do.

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