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July 2, 2016

A Pop-Up For The Modern Home

The problem with most of the bazaars nowadays is that there’s nothing unique with what they’re selling. From the corners of Divisoria to the bazaar halls of Greenhills and SM MOA – they’re all there. The thrill of finding something unique and different is gone. Yes, as a buyer you’re still going there for the discounts and cheap items. As a seller, foot traffic is guaranteed – but so is competition and others (re)selling the same item.Artifact Pop-up08

However once a year, one comes across a new bazaar, in this case, a pop-up with fresh ideas and new concessionaires. Artifact II: A Pop-Up For The Modern Home, is one of the rare few. This pop-up is unique and geared towards a growing niche – furniture and homeware artisans and their buyers. This event is organized by Ampersand Collective.

Artifact II: A Pop-Up For The Modern Home, a unique lifestyle pop-up just for furniture and homeware artisans, is happening this July 8 to 10 at Alabang Town Center's Activity Center!

What to expect? Everything upcycled, repurposed, refurbished, made-to-order, and unique with a mix of traditional, modern, and mid-century designs specially made for the young and stylish home décor enthusiasts.

The event organizers, Ampersand Collective, was able to answer a few questions for us at ManilaSpeak.

Is this something that is done regularly? yearly?

Yes, we plan to hold Artifact yearly. The first one was held last Oct. 2-4, 2015, at the same location (Activity Center of Alabang Town Center) and was well received. We decided to make it yearly in partnership with ATC after the first one.

Artifact II: A Pop-Up For The Modern Home, a unique lifestyle pop-up just for furniture and homeware artisans, is happening this July 8 to 10 at Alabang Town Center's Activity Center!

Is this the first time this has been organized? Rather – the first of its kind? What makes you different?

We got the idea from a local furniture merchant who joined our other event, Block Party. He mentioned that there aren’t a lot of furniture fairs in the city that highlight his kind of products. My partners Mel Lozano-Alcaraz, Maan Agsalud, and I felt that providing a venue for local and passionate crafters to showcase local, bespoke, upcycled, and creative home pieces will be a good direction to take, since our flagship event Block Party’s purpose is the same (except it’s for arts, crafts, music, and food). That’s what makes Artifact different from other furniture fairs. We try as much as possible to cater to start-ups, homepreneurs, and passionate individuals.

Artifact II: A Pop-Up For The Modern Home, a unique lifestyle pop-up just for furniture and homeware artisans, is happening this July 8 to 10 at Alabang Town Center's Activity Center!

If people and organizations do want to join, can they? Who do they contact? How can they qualify?

Yes they may contact me. Samantha Ramos-Zaragoza, We curate every event and make sure the items sold are not mass produced, are interesting, with price points that fit the target market, and no existing competitor from the other sellers at the event.

Artifact Pop-up04

What made you organize something like this? is this a part of a series of events? What message (if any) were you trying to convey?

When my partners and I started Ampersand Collective, we all agreed to create a venue for passionate trailblazers who want to connect to like-minded individuals. People who are looking for meaningful, engaging, creative, and fun experiences.

We the partners feel like we are the target market. Two of us are new moms. When we started, we were looking for events that speak to the whole family without sacrificing fun and meaning for the sake of wholesomeness.

With that in mind, we try to integrate some kind of awareness, engagement, and that sense of discovering fresh finds that influence our creativity.

Artifact Pop-up02

Artifact II: A Pop-Up For The Modern Home will be on July 8 to 10 at Alabang Town Center’s Activity Center.

The event is brought to you by Alabang Town Center and Ampersand Collective, a PR and events company behind the trailblazers Block Party  and Valero Eat Street.
Free Workshops & Crafty Finds At The Artifact II Home Pop-Up

As a treat, Alabang Town Center and Artifact purveyors are conducting free demo workshops! Take a note of this schedule:

Artifact Pop-up10

And here’s the list of purveyors you can catch on July 8 to 10!

Artifact Pop-up09

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