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January 8, 2016

A Feminist Yaya Dub, Anyone?

Note: The following article refers to the character Yaya Dub and not the actress Maine Mendoza.

Juan Loco, A Feminist Yaya Dub Anyone, Yaya Dub 1,  Jan8The Eat Bulaga Kalyeserye character “Yaya Dub”, played by Maine Mendoza, has undergone a lot of transformation since she was first introduced last July 4, 2015. The so-called AlDub Nation is marking today the 25th “weeksary” of the tandem of Yaya Dub and Alden Richards. The phenomenal love team gained a cult following through the noon time segment that merges a scripted story and the real-life, unscripted reactions of the characters. The combination of scripted and unscripted is the actual source of “kilig” for many viewers.

From a character whose only means of self-expression was dubsmashing songs and scribbling “fan signs”, Yaya Dub now has speaking and hosting parts in the Kalyeserye segment. Occasionally she would do song and dance numbers. There are times when the two main stars break character and appear and interact as themselves, as Main and Alden.

The development of her character however has been the subject of much debate recently. After overcoming many challenges in on-screen relationship, her feelings for Alden now seem to be under question (at least as far as the story is developing). Not a few viewers have voiced criticism of the recent turn of events in Yaya’s character. They have begun to question the possible negative impacts on Yaya’s fans, especially young girls. Some have called her fickle. Others find her phone conversations with “Jake” as being insensitive to Alden.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if Yaya Dub was a feminist?

Juan Loco, A Feminist Yaya Dub Anyone, Yaya Dub 2,  Jan8

  • A feminist Yaya Dub would be more vocal about her true feelings, and not be bound by traditional concepts of courtship where the male has to be the first to express his feelings.
  • A feminist Yaya Dub would not require prior approval from her lolas before she could express her feelings.
  • A feminist Yaya Dub knows that being vocal about her feelings should not be misconstrued as being a slut.
  • A feminist Yaya Dub will not give up on a relationship just because Lola Babah arranged Alden’s marriage to Cindy. Furthermore, a feminist Yaya Dub would rush to the wedding venue to shout “Itigil ang kasal!”
  • A feminist Yaya Dub would treat Alden to a date, instead of always waiting to be taken on a date. She would also be willing to pay for said date, or split the bill.
  • A feminist Yaya Dub is not helpless. She will not wait to be saved by Alden from her and the lolas’ constant predicaments. She’d find a way to solve the problems herself, with or without Alden.
  • A feminist Yaya Dub is not fragile. She can roll with the punches. She does not always need to be carried by her knight in shining armor as she can very well walk on her own. She however still enjoys being carried though if she wishes it.
  • Despite being independent, a feminist Yaya Dub still experiences kilig when she’s with Alden, especially during moments where Alden’s piercing gaze is upon her, or when he is holding her hand or touching her hair.
  • A feminist Yaya Dub knows when to draw the line with dudes like Jake, assuming that Jake has other intentions than just the class project. She is smart enough not to put herself and Alden in an awkward situation with another guy.
  • A feminist Yaya Dub will want to know the exact status of her relationship with Alden because she rejects the relationship limbo known as “MU”.  
  • A feminist Yaya Dub believes that women hold half the sky, and that she and Alden are equals as they continue to pursue their dreams of “forever”.


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