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December 20, 2015

7 Disappointing Moments in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

For folks who grew up watching the original Star Wars trilogy, watching Episode VII The Force Awakens brought a lot of feels. It was a throwback to childhood adventures with familiar characters who, while much older now, still gave us a very reassuring feeling that all is well in the universe.

Juan Loco, Star Wars TFA, poster, Dec21Having said that, JJ Abrams’s latest film comes with its fair share of disappointments. One had hoped that the new installment would introduce a new direction for the franchise, a fresh storyline as the film is set 30 years after The Return of the Jedi. What we saw however were recycled plotlines from previous installments of the franchise.

Here are the 7 things I did not like about TFA:

  1. Another “Death Star” – How many freakin’ Planet Killers must our heroes destroy to finally overcome the Dark Side? Is there no other weapon in the Star Wars universe capable of providing a challenge to our protagonists? And there’s not much originality in the story either. To escape certain doom, our heroes first need to disable the “death star” force-field through the efforts of a small commando unit. After this, the flyboys on their X-Wing fighters will come in to blow up a weak spot in the weapon (as every death star has a weakness, right?) which then leads to the collapse of the super weapon. The whole “death star”/planet killer thing has become cliché.
  2. The droid opening sequence – Must this film also begin with one of our heroes, while trying to avoid capture, inserts vital information inside a droid who then falls into the hands of another unsuspecting hero. Wasn’t this how A New Hope started, with Leia recording a message to Obi Wan through R2D2 who then ends up with Luke? Poe Dameron is the new Princess Leia.
  3. Another orphan on a dessert planet – Must our hero, young Rey, have to be an orphan on another desert planet? It’s Luke on Tatooine all over again.
  4. Why is the Resistance/Rebellion still fighting a guerilla war?  – It’s been three decades since the defeat of The Empire. By now you would have expected the forces under Leia to have gained considerable strength and influence throughout the galaxy. Why are they still fighting like guerillas? Why have their operations remained secret? Why is the Resistance distinct from the presumed government that is The Republic?  We hope the next chapter can provide more answers on this point.
  5. The First Order can do pretty much anything it wants – Something must have happened over the last 30 years for the First Order to retain so much strength even after the Empire had been defeated. And yeah, how could they build another planet killer, bigger than any previous “death star”, without anyone even noticing?
  6. Mastery of the Force – Our heroine Rey is strong in The Force. Maybe even too strong as she seems to have developed her abilities even without training. It took Luke some time before he could master the basic Jedi skills yet here is Rey, a scavenger with no presumed training, gaining a mastery of her abilities and defeating another trained warrior in Kylo Ren. Of course, there’s more to her backstory that has yet to be revealed. I do understand that every Star Wars film must have a climactic lightsaber duel in the end. Seeing as there was no other character capable of wielding a lightsaber at that point in the film, Rey had to step up and go toe to toe with Ren.
    Juan Loco, Star Wars TFA, Kylo and Stormtroopers, Dec21
  7. Daddy issues – This one is strong in the Skywalker family. Luke had it. Kylo Ren has it. Rey is likely going to have it too, if fan theories are correct.

Photos from Star Wars Movie Facebook page and Topper Garperio

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