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September 19, 2013

Working Hard to Achieve Paradise

We began developing the 247-hectare former American base in October 1996 under the Bases Conversion Development Act (BCDA) with the main goal and vision of creating a world class, family-oriented eco-tourism destination and an eco-friendly residential community that blends with its environment.

And we achieved it.

CJH Master Development Plan as posted on our official website

CJHDevCo Master Development Plan as posted on our official website

P2.6 Billion Worth of World-Class Facilities

Despite the global economic crisis and political challenges, as its main lessee and developer, we have taken a more aggressive step towards the development of Camp John Hay as a premier tourism, human resource development and forest watershed recreation facility.

The committed efforts of the management team have paved the way for the construction and completion of more than P2.6 billion worth of world-class facilities inside the camp. Camp John Hay now boasts of structures that carry the fusion of American architecture and local design as seen in the Jack Nicklaus-designed 18-hole golf course and club house, residential community consisting of country & luxury log homes, country, forest, & golf estates, and the famous forest cabin villas. The intimate log cabin feel of the two 5-star hotels inside Camp John Hay – the 189-unit Manor Hotel and the 208-unit Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay (formerly CJH Suites Hotel) – has lured visitors into never wanting to leave this serene hideaway.

Biggest Convention Center North of Manila

CJH DevCo also built the biggest convention center north of Manila: the CAP Trade and Cultural Center, which seats 2,500 to 3,000 people. Also, Camp John Hay is home to the biggest butterfly sanctuary in the country. We also created an interim commercial complex called Mile-Hi Complex that offers duty-free goods, fine dining and fast food restaurants, coffee and pastry shops, clothing apparels, pasalubongs to Baguio woodcrafts and trinkets.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) centers, such as the Ayala TechnoHub with mixed-use/retail facilities have also flourished inside Camp John Hay, which is expected to generate thousands of jobs within the next few years. We have also set up the Eco Village – a mixed-use, retail commercial ‘mini’ town center and the camp’s central hub for arts and crafts, gourmet dining, and recreational activities.

Thousands of Jobs Generated

With all these developments, CJH DevCo has created employment for over 3,000 workers throughout its facilities inside the John Hay Special Economic Zone (JHSEZ), thus making it one of Baguio City’s biggest employment centers and significantly contributing to the local economy since it took over in 1996. It is also with great pride that I note that 85% of the employees within the camp come from the BLISTT area (Baguio, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba, and Tublay).

230,000 Pine Tees Planted

But we are most proud of the fact that all these developments were done without hurting the environment. Having become stewards of a century-old forest containing more than 350,000 pine trees, CJHDevCo dedicated 50% of its leased area as “forest reserve”. This emphasized our deeply rooted philosophy that development need not take away from nature but enhance it. In fact, we have contributed significantly to the environment in Baguio by planting more than 230,000 pine trees in and around Camp John Hay since 1996 as part of our environmental sustainability program.


Commitment to the Community

For over 16 years, we at CJHDevco have been proactive in our corporate social responsibilities by spearheading various social, community, environmental, sports, and educational programs. Some of these include social development programs such as the Art Contest Drawings Benefit Exhibit, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Summer Camp, Annual Art Contest, Share-A-Joy Gift Giving Program, C.A.R.I.N.G. Organization, Barangay Mushroom Project, CJH Run For Trails, CJH Soup Kitchen, Operation Tuli, Blood Letting Drive, Tree Planting Activities, and many more.

Successful PPP

Indeed, we owe our success to our enduring partnership, as a member of the private sector, with the public sector represented by the local government of Baguio. The good relationship we’ve maintained relies on mutual good faith and the upholding of national interest.

By developing Camp John Hay to meet world-class standards, we have created jobs, employment, business opportunities for the people, and at the same time, created a prosperous tourism industry for the Cordillera region. We hope to continue in this effort to preserve the image of Baguio as we remember it: timeless, unspoiled, pure, and natural – a charming paradise haven.


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