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February 23, 2016


Roxas is wrong on the MRT issue.
According to the private owners, at least.

Roxas was asked during the presidential debates last Sunday to respond to accusations that it was during his stint as Transportation Secretary that failures in the management of the MRT began.

Host Mike Enriquez of GMA7 asked Roxas’ reaction to the following observation: “Sa inyong panunungkulan bilang secretary (ng DOTC) inuugnay ang kapalpakan sa pangangasiwa ng MRT” (failure in the management of the MRT is being associated with your stint as DOTC secretary).

Roxas responded by calling the MRT contract anomalous and blamed the contract for MRT woes.

MRT Holdings, however, clarified that it was Roxas’ flawed leadership, not a flawed contract, that has caused damage to the MRT.

“If he is referring to the Build-Lease-Transfer agreement between the government and MRT Corp., then he needs to know that that contract was bid out, approved by both the DOTC and ICC NEDA, and awarded during the term of Pres. Cory Aquino. It was confirmed as legal and binding by no less than the Supreme Court of the Philippines during the term of Pres. Ramos so Roxas cannot say that the contract is flawed,” explained MRT Holdings spokesperson Atty. David Narvasa.

It will be recalled that incidences such as the ‘runaway train’, incredibly long lines, and almost daily reports of the MRT breaking down all started happening only when Mar Roxas became DOTC Secretary.
​”​Problems started when the DOTC, in 2012, terminated the contract of the maintenance provider Sumitomo but failed to initiate an honest-to-goodness and transparent bidding of the maintenance contract,” Narvasa ​noted.
Viral Meme of Mar Roxas after the August 13 'Runaway Train' Incident

Viral Meme of Mar Roxas after the August 13 ‘Runaway Train’ Incident


“If you will recall, DOTC under Sec. Roxas entertained the proposal of PH Trams, a company which, at the time it first gave its proposal, was only a one day old company. Worse, when the PH Trams proposal was made known to  Sec. Roxas, the company, composed of members of the Liberal Party, only had a capitalization of a measly P625,000. Worst, the incorporators had no track record in rail maintenance.  Yet PH Trams was appointed without bidding,” Narvasa lamented.

​Seems it was the contract negotiated with PH Trams that was highly anomalous, not the MRT contract.
Roxas is standard bearer of the Liberal Party.
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