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April 1, 2016

Why Mar is the wrong choice

There should be admiration for those who don’t support the popular. There should be some appreciation for those who go against those in power. But when someone has both popularity and power and wastes it, then all they deserve is pity and not a seat in the highest executive seat in the land.

This representation is not a politician, just a simple member of the legal profession earning his keep by being an advocate for his clients. I defend criminals and at the same time I protect the rights of the offended. I know how it is to be on both sides. What you read below is not an in-depth analysis of Mar’s platform or plans. Just plain observations on what he has done in the past, which makes him undeserving of the presidency.

He wasn’t in the Philippines during Martial Law

As a scion of a wealthy clan, it is safe to assume that he had the freedom and the mobility to say what he wanted and where he wanted to go. During the dark times of our history, he was probably having fun in the college bars and not worrying about the curfew. He did graduate in 1979 but stayed in the U.S. to earn the big bucks as an investment banker. Then in 1983, when Ninoy was murdered and the country woke up, he was still probably asleep in New York. Well, he did try to help the Cory campaign but still in New York. He only came back permanently in the 90’s.

Why is this being pointed out? Why not? If certain candidates are being called out on what they did during the Martial Law years, Mar’s history or non-history should be known.

He is a quitter

Mar can’t stay loyal. During the Estrada administration, he had the opportunity to stir this country economically. Instead, at the first hint of trouble, he quit. He abandoned ship. As a member of the crew in the cabinet of Estrada, he thought of himself and looked for a reward for his cowardly act. And what was his reward? He got the same cabinet position in the next administration.

In the run up to the presidential election in 2010, he was the leading choice for his party. In fact, the Liberal Party thought of that back when he topped the 2004 Senatorial election. Then what did he do, he quit the race and stepped aside for a non-performing spoiled brat legislator. While it may seem noble, it just shows he can’t maintain a momentum. At the first sign of slide, he quits.

Would you want a commander-in-chief that backs down from a fight? Would you want a boss that will resign at the first hint of a red-inked year?

He uses profanity in public

It is open knowledge of his incidents in public. Freedom of speech is indeed guaranteed. But his choice of words is not becoming of a “Wharton” graduate. One can just look up what he said in a rally in Makati (of all places). While this may be said with high emotion, still, years of Wharton teachings all gone to waste.

One more, the Wack Wack incident. As a son of one of the richest families of the land, he didn’t want to pay up a $120 fee for a golf trainer. Was it because of principle? If it wasn’t true, then why was he suspended from the club? If the yellow army wants to discredit the mayor of Davao for his choice of finger gestures, Mar should get the same treatment for his choice of words.


Lousy performance in government

The Department of Transportation and Communication under Roxas from 2011 to 2012 was horrendous. The effects of his work are evident today. The MRT is unbearable. The reputation of the airports made the top ten worst lists several times. It was all under his watch. If B.S. Aquino plays the blame game on predecessors, can’t we do the same on Roxas when he moved to the Department of Interior and Local Government?

When Mar was in the DILG, what happened? The Mamasapano murders. What’s his excuse? “I wasn’t there” or better yet “I wasn’t informed”. Please. Do you really want a president who hides behind plausible deniability? We should really be scared. If there is a crisis in the country, we will just hear the same excuses.

What you read above are just plain annotations culled from newspaper reports and general knowledge. But if you take away the personality traits in the first two parts, we are left with the lousy performance.

And lastly, why will I not vote for him? His spouse. Enough said.







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