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March 1, 2014

The Winners’ Circle

We at the City of Pines are no strangers to the appreciation of our world-class services for tourists and locals alike. In fact, it is with great effort that we strive to keep all our tourist spots in tip-top shape.We consider it our civic duty to showcase the wonders of Baguio City and its people to the world.

So it is with great pride that I present to you the two prestigious awards garnered by one of the landmark destinations in this wonderful city: The Manor at Camp John Hay.


First is the ASEAN Green Hotel Award. This award is given by ASEAN member states as recognition to those who comply with the ASEAN Green Hotel Standards that adopt environmentally-friendly and energy conservation measures. The award, which began in 2008, is given every two years to hotels and resorts. This year, The Manor was recognised as one of the five hotels in the country for its various green initiatives and programs. Some of these initiatives are the hotel’s green program in rooms wherein guests are informed about saving water and electricity, the implementation of the Earth Hour every Sunday, the use of green products in rooms and restaurants, and the initiative of the hotel to conduct tree-planting, Eco walks and adopt-a-schoo programs are also part of the hotel’s social responsibility.

Second is a Special Award in Unique Strategic Partnership bagged at the Search for 2013 Outstanding Labor Management Cooperation (LMC) Awards for Industrial Peace conducted by the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB). The Manor at Camp John Hay’s LMC, known as Dap-ayan ti John Hay, was the lone national finalist for the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) for the unorganised category.  The search is an award and recognition program of the NCMB given every two years to outstanding LMC programs and practices that promote productivity, competitiveness, labor law compliance, and strong labor-management partnership. The objective of the program is to intensify awareness, encourage labor and management partners, and showcase innovations and practices on LMC among organised and unorganised establishments.

Again, these awards show that the service we provide here in Baguio City is indeed world-class. So come on up and experience for yourself the hospitality and beauty of the City of Pines.


Photo credit: Rica Palomo-Espiritu

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