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March 7, 2014

The (Golfing) Greens of Baguio City Come Alive

The City of Pines is no stranger to prestigious golf tournaments. With the world-class fairways found in the city, Baguio has become known as one of the golfing centres of the country. Camp John Hay, with its Jack Nicklaus-designed range, is certainly at the top of every golfer’s list of must-visit greens.

corpcuplogoNext week, the annual Philippine Corporate Cup will yet again be held at the Camp John Hay Golf Club. Now on its 26th year, it will be held from the 10th of March to the 13th. With its ‘four-to-play, three-to-count’ format of play, it is expected to draw a maximum field of 78 teams composed of 4 persons each.

This yearly tournament that was established in 1989 has been the stage for friendly competition among a wide range of golfers consisting of corporate professionals and various nationalities competing in different handicap levels. Since the year 2000, Camp John Hay has been given the honour hosting this prestigious event.

Last year, Team Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay, composed of veteran players Thirdy Escano, Shean Bedi, Monet Garcia and Jayson Yu, emerged as the Group 1 Champions once again. Overall individual honours in the regular division also went to Thirdy Escano representing Team Forest Lodge at CJH, who beat another veteran player, Bong Brobio of Team Interconnect Systems, in a tightly contested match, winning by a close margin of only 3 points.

In the Seniors’ Division, Team Pugo Adventure, composed of Park Jong Won, Jun Oribello, Peter Go and Richard Sali, emerged victorious. Park Jon Won was hailed as the overall individual champion with 115 points vs. his closest rival, Joey Mactal of Team Texas, who garnered 102 points.

Besides the friendly competition, social activities such as a ‘themed’ outdoor barbecue, wine/beer/cocktails, scrumptious dinner cuisine by Chef Billy King of LeChef, live entertainment, lots of raffle prizes, winners trophies and giveaways await all the participants.

So even if you aren’t a golfer, come on up to the greens of Baguio City and witness this world-class event for yourself. See how the serenity of the fairways help create harmony among the fierce warriors of the corporate arena.

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