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November 22, 2013

The Cause Continues

bangonormoc 4Author Christina Garcia-Frasco is busy as she continues her mission to help Typhoon Yolanda victims in Ormoc. Below are updates shared on her Facebook page on the Bangon Ormoc relief operations, including information on how to help. – Eds.

November 22. 


November 16. Aid Delivered.


We distributed Food Packs and Relief Goods to 6,000 Families across 7 Barangays in Ormoc City yesterday. Today, 2,522 more Families received aid, reaching a total of 8,522.

Again, we thank our generous donors whose kindness knows no bounds, as well as our tireless partners who ensured the delivery of aid where people are most in need.

Daghan kaayong salamat kaninyong tanan. The distribution continues tomorrow!


November 18. Everyday heroes.

The altruism displayed by these CHAINSAW OPERATORS from Brgy. San Roque, Liloan, Cebu, has generated the most likes and shares in our campaign to help Ormoc rise again. As of this writing, over 2,000 likes and nearly 800 shares to be exact.

Many have asked for their names and so here they are:

Felix P. Tundag
Camelo B. Paner
Felix B. Paner
Antonio L. Ermac
Longino G. Pitogo

Since they arrived in Ormoc on Friday, they have gone from one barangay to the next clearing the streets of debris and fallen trees, allowing our #BangonOrmoc trucks and other relief groups to pass and deliver relief goods to unserved areas.

I asked them to come back to Cebu via barge yesterday as it was the only trip I could arrange for them to come back. They insisted that they would stay, saying that their clearing operations are not yet done. And so they are still there wielding their chainsaws, clearing the way for hope to arrive in many places where hopelessness looms.

As they say, no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Daghang Salamat sa atong mga kaigsoonang Sugbuanon sa inyong kakugi ug kinasing-kasing na tabang!


November 19. Bayanihan.

While Filipinos here and abroad are rallying the world to help our country rise again, our national government blames, bickers and blunders again and again…and again. How utterly ironic that one who campaigned so vigorously on a platform of hope should now be the cause of so much hopelessness.

Democracy ensures that we are ruled by a government of the people, by the people, for the people. At this critical time in our history, none of this holds true. And so we must continue the cause to help our fallen brothers and sisters, not because of our government, but in spite of it.

bangonormoc 7

bangonormoc 6

bangonormoc 5

bangonormoc 8

bangonormoc 2


November 19. Food, clothing … and let’s not forget shelter.


95% of the houses in Ormoc City have been destroyed. Aside from food and water, SHELTER is an urgent need to protect Ormocanons from the elements.

In Brgy. Libertad, Ormoc City, all the houses along the highway have been leveled to the ground due to the sheer force of Typhoon Yolanda’s winds.

Families used to call this place home. Well, they still do.

We stopped by this barangay where I chanced upon a father tending to his children amongst a pile of wood and makeshift walls that showed the remnants of a house. Since it had been raining the past few days, I asked how they were able to manage to sleep in these living conditions. He said that he was able to gather some pieces of small tarpaulin from advertisements in sari-sari stores. He would use these to cover up his children to make sure they would not get wet from the rain.

And then I asked, “Unya kamo sa imo asawa, Noy, asa man mo matulog?” (How about you and your wife, where do you sleep?) His answer just broke my heart: “Aw, maglingkod lang mi sa uwan day mosuway ug piyong.” (Well, we sit in the rain and try to close our eyes.)

If you would like to help appease the difficulties faced by the victims of Yolanda, we accept donations of:

TARPAULIN (Ideally 8×10 feet or not less than 4 meters)

SAKOLIN (ideally 10 meters)

Please send it to any of our DROP OFF POINTS by WEDNESDAY, November 20. Cash Donations to purchase tarps/sakolins are welcome as well.




Drop Off Points for Donations in Kind in Cebu City are:

Titay’s Raintree Mall
Politics, Escario Central Mall
BangonOrmoc Tent in front of Baseline
Gilt, Crossroads, Banilad
All San Jose Bakeshops
Rescue Bar and Lounge (beside Grand Convention Center)
BangonOrmoc Tent infront of Liloan Municipal Hall

For Donations in Cash:

Please deposit to any of the account numbers of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. in UnionBank:


Account Name: Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 0027-8000-3279


Account Name: Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
Account Type: Savings
Account Number: 1327-8000-0852
Swift Code: UBPHPHMM


In the interest of transparency, after making a deposit, kindly send a message containing the following information to the Bangon Ormoc Facebook Page and email cc:, as well:

1. Name of Donor
2. Amount Donated
3. Date Deposited
4. How you would like your donation to be used: Relief Goods OR Rehabilitation of Schools
5. For which area the donation is intended: Ormoc City. If you wish to donate for other parts of Leyte, please indicate Leyte.


On the ground, RAFI is working with us to see to it that relief goods are distributed to all in need.

All cash donations for Ormoc may be tracked through the #BangonOrmoc Facebook Page.

We are truly grateful for all your donations thus far. Daghang Salamat!

 bangonormoc 1

Photos from Christina Garcia Frasco’s Facebook Page.

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