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January 27, 2014

Teach The Children, Brace Their Future

The fight against climate change is more for the sake of the next generation, our children, than ours. It is best then, that we involve them. The education and active involvement should start at home. But the best and most convenient place for them to be educated and trained is in the school. What can be done? Here are some good practices from Saint Anthony School in Singalong:


Empty Bottles Bin – This design has a twist and a high. Students cannot just drop their bottles in it. They had to shoot it in a funnel-like opening at the top of the bin. It is so effective that students look forward to this opportunity once they consume their drink.


Waste Segregation Bins – With a view towards waste recycling, these trash bins facilitate the segregation of wastes. They have been color-coded to identify where students and personnel should dump their junk.


Greens – Where do you plant when it is concrete all over? Plants in pots! The touch of green all over the  bears freshness to the environment, communicates awareness of fauna…


… and beautifies too!


Tree Planting – Every year, graduating students of the school get to contribute to the world’s supply of vegetation and oxygen supply by planting trees. In their own small and concerted way, something big springs up!


Signs and Reminders – Attractive and convincing messages like these should inspire and excite students to have a hand in their school’s resource conservation.

Some other practices of the school are:

1. Each class maintains a box in their classroom where they can discard used papers.

2. The last person to leave the room sees to it that lights and air conditioners are turned off.

3. The school administrators and maintenance staff monitor the utility bills and constantly find ways to use them efficiently.

4. Future plans involve installation of solar panels as energy sources.

There are really a lot that a school can do to be environmentally aware and friendly. Of course, the success of the program stands on the good orientation and education of all the members of the school, namely, students, teachers, non-teaching personnel, concessionaires, parents, and administrators. Their conscientious and common efforts motivate and drive them to the favorable outcome of their program.

If we multiply this relatively small effort, it will sum up to something significant and substantial. Somebody has to start somewhere. Hopefully it will snowball into a countrywide practice. Also, in the process, we have prepared our children on how to respond and face the effects and tests of climate change in the future.

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” – Vladimir Lenin

(Note: Saint Anthony of Padua is the patron of Saint Anthony School. As a disciple of Saint Francis, he also advocated the care for Mother Earth. The school, therefore, includes the care for the environment in their commitment and curriculum.)

Photo credit: Fr. Benny Tuazon


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