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October 24, 2018


We’ve been taught in school that voting is an integral part of democracy. Voting gives the citizens a voice. What happens when that process is tampered? President Duterte promises a fair electoral process in 2019 yet nothing is being done to address the issues involving COMELEC and SMARTMATIC. Until now, nobody is held liable for the obvious tampering of the system.

COMELEC hasn’t given a valid answer as to why there were machines transmitting data a day before the elections. The regional hubs and a fourth server was created without informing the stakeholders. The COMELEC also implemented a change in the minimum shading threshold [25%] without informing the public. After all these accusations, SMARTMATIC still got the contract as our election provider. Wonderful. It’s like expecting to be protected by a husband that has been beating you up for a decade. Perfect dysfunctional relationship.

One hopes that we can still eliminate money and corrupt practices at the COMELEC so that we can have an election that truly reflects the voice of the people. The only way we can do that is to cut SMARTMATIC loose and change the system to a more simple and transparent one.

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