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August 5, 2018

POWER LUNCH with former Comelec Commissioner Gregorio ‘Goyo” Larrazabal: No-El Scenario Unlikely

5 Things I learned from my Power Lunch with former Comelec Commissioner Gregorio “Goyo” Larrazabal:

1. There will be elections in 2019.

In spite of the many No-El scenarios, re-electionists and other aspiring politicians are all systems go for the 2019 elections. It looks like we won’t have to worry too much about this issue, in spite of the grand efforts for Charter Change.

2. The half-manual, half-automated scenario cannot be done.

Larrazabal clarified that aside from it being illegal, the demo that was conducted by the proponent failed!

3. The plebiscite for the Bangsamoro Organic Law may be conducted on a national scale.

There are some who argue that it is not only Mindanao that will be affected or benefited by this law but the whole nation, therefore any plebiscite relating to this should be conducted on a national level as well.

4. If there is a successfully passed proposal on Charter Change, the plebiscite for that will not just be a yes-no vote but may include specific items on the amendments.

Unlike the plebiscite for the 1987 Constitution, the plebiscite for amendments or revisions this time around would have to be more specific because at this time we are not functioning under a revolutionary government.

5. Duterte may hold on to power during the transitory period after the amendments to the Constitution are approved by plebiscite … so it all depends on what the ConAss/ConComm comes up with. But it is possible! Scary!

Watch our conversation over our Power Lunch at Mireio (ohmygod that pork belly is sooo good!!!!) in full:

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