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August 24, 2014

6 Best Pinoy Make Up Transformations

All in good fun. Netizens have created the funniest make up transformations. Here are the 5 funniest to date …

6. Aiza Seguerra >>> Arnold Clavio

Aiza Seguerra Arnold Clavio Make Up Transformation

5. Crocodiles >>> Congress (credit:

Congress Make Up Transformation

4. Korina Sanchez

Korina Sanchez Make Up Transformation

3. Senator Frank Drilon >>> Juana Change

Frank Drilon to Juana Change Make Up Transformation

2. Nancy Binay  (Special Award for Most Number of Make Up Transformations)

Nancy Binay Make Up Transformation

Nancy Binay Make Up Transformation


Nancy Binay Make Up Transformation

Nancy Binay Make Up Transformation


1. Janet Lim Napoles >>> PNoy

Janet Lim Napoles Make Up Transformation Noynoy Aquino



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