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July 10, 2019


Kapihan sa Manila Bay at Cafe Adriatico

Marichu Villanueva, Columnist & Editor of the Philippine Star
Cafe Adriatico, Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila
July 10, 2019
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


Sen. Richard Gordon


Sen. Gordon  will discuss with us the legislative agenda that the new Senate  will take up for the remaining three years in office of the Duterte administration.

This video will be broadcast live on our facebook page and website.
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(Video and Photo Credits: Kapihan sa Manila Bay at Cafe Adriatico with Marichu Villanueva)


Photos: Rachelle V. Munji


  • I check on the customs every quarter.
  • Ang kulang sa atin monitoring – lifestyle monitoring.
  • Ang dami naming tinuro na tao, hindi nahuhuli. We do not have the powers to arrest. We can only do so much. We are the ones investigating when it is the police who should be doing so.
  • Motorcycle plates: It is best if it is color coded per region and should be limited to 5 numbers only. The numbers can be repeated. It narrows down the search. In fact it is easier to remember and deters crime.
  • We have to define our country and improve our education so that we are the most literate in Asia. Math and Sciences, if we look at the PICE on countries that are good in Math and Science, wala ang Pilipinas doon. We should strive to be the intellectual and innovative country in Asia.
  • There are too many military people in the administration. Nakakatakot yan. Baka maging Thailand ang situation. I do not want the military to be the arbiter of democratic change in the country.
  • I am against federalism. In the first, anong klaseng federalism ang ilalagay ninyo? It is not my priority. The problem with us is that the economic provisions have to be changed.
  • Is China trying to make us a vassal state? China is better as a friend, not as a bully. They should not be arrogant.
  • Why do the congressmen have to ask the president to intervene in their affairs? There are 3 branches of government. Independent branches of government. That is meant to fine tune power sharing. You do not make the president decide/endorse who the speaker will be. The congressmen should vote.
  • Malasakit centers: wala pa si Bong Go, meron na niyan. What he did is that he consolidated them so that people will know where to go. That is important. Maraming tao sa probinsiya humihingi ng tulong, di nila alam kung saan pupunta. These Malasakit Centers are a good idea.
  • Kung may focus tayo in collecting taxes [BIR] we should focus also in collecting investments [DTI]. There are investors in China that are looking for other places to transfer because of what’s happening. A lot of them are going to Vietnam because of the skills, ease of doing business and speed in setting things up [including labor].
  • Yung nang yari sa WPS, pwede ba si Locsin at Lorenzana ang nagsasalita? The situation was simple, pinalaki lang. We can make noise about it, we should assert our opinion as Filipino. We don’t have to go to war. We can make noise.

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