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May 7, 2016

Ballots Pre-Shaded for Mar, Grace?

A photo of a pre-shaded ballot using a marker invisible to the naked eye but seen by ultra-violet light circulated yesterday.

This is supposedly evidence of 6 Million pre-shaded ballots that allegedly came out of the National Printing Office.

The ballots were pre-shaded in favor of Grace Poe for President and Chiz Escudero for Vice President.


The source said that initially 1 Million pre-shaded ballots were in favor of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo but the operators from the RORO camp gave in to pressure from the Grace-Chiz camp’s “ninong”, who found out about the operation, so the balance of the pre-shaded ballots were made to reflect Grace and Chiz instead. This is supposedly the reason why Mar Roxas had publicly called out to Grace Poe for a “dialogue”.

Programmed Ballots for Mar

This morning, another source who works at ABS CBN said that 20 Million ballots had been “programmed to reflect Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo” and “has been deployed all over the (Philippines) precincts”.


The source advised  voters to see if there is a “light pink line” in your ballot, ask the Board of Election Inspectors / Comelec representatives in your precinct to change your ballot as this is one of the tampered ones.


As for the pre-shaded ballots, an election technical expert said that at the very least, this might deduct from the votes of the leading candidates. For example, while pre-shading using a UV marker for Poe might not be counted, the real vote for Rodrigo Duterte for President might also not be counted because the machine might read it as an overvote because of the UV marking.

While the VCM might not read the ultra-violet marking for Poe, the machine might get confused if you vote for another candidate and consider that item an overvote. Therefore the VCM will not count the vote for Duterte and the Voter’s Receipt will reflect no vote for president, even if you voted for Duterte.

This will leave the voter scratching his head as to why his vote was not counted when he properly shaded the ballot using the Comelec/Smartmatic pen for his preferred candidate. The public would then easily blame Smartmatic or the VCM when in fact there were political insiders who had tampered with the ballots.

While this may not be an additional vote for Poe or Roxas, it can deduct from the votes of other presidential contenders. If these ballots are sent to an area that is the bailiwick of a specific candidate, e.g. Davao or Cavite for Duterte, it may cause a dent to the total number of votes counted in his or her favor.

UV Markings Not Counted

ManilaSpeak contacted Smartmatic to check if indeed this can alter the results of the elections. Smartmatic gave the assurance that it will not. The Vote Counting Machine does not count a shade using a UV marker. That is specifically why they provide a pen for voters to use on election day. Only markings using this pen provided by Smartmatic will be counted by the machine.

IN CASE the machine does not read your vote, find out what to do in the article linked below:

How Can I Report An Error in My Voter’s Receipt?


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3 Comments on “Ballots Pre-Shaded for Mar, Grace?”

  • creseth valdez pagkaliwangan says May 9, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    About light pink line, is it a square shape light pink line at the upper right side?

  • creseth valdez pagkaliwangan says May 9, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    I was told it to the BEI and they said it is security to the ballot.

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