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September 17, 2019


The issue of granting the president emergency powers fell on Senator Grace Poe’s lap 3 years ago. She had a say because she headed the Public Services Committee. It was a hot issue back then because anything that had to do with Martial Law was a controversial topic. At first she said, it could be abused. Then again, that’s why the investigation was done so that rules and regulations could be created to avoid the abuse. She asked for the traffic master plan. DOTR gave it. After 3 years, the issue was resurrected. Apparently nothing was decided upon. She sat on the issue and decided to talk about it hoping it would further her popularity in time perhaps for the 2022 elections. Why? This is her last term as senator. It is natural that she would want to run for a higher office. After all, why waste such a good name [she was on the 2nd slot in the last elections].

Well, instead of people praising her for her pace. Instead of people commending her for making sure everything’s covered, they’re blaming her now for the traffic mess. She may not have caused the traffic, but she’s one of the reasons why everything is moving slowly. I hope she resolves this case soon and find another popular issue to ride on.

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