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August 5, 2014

Not For Adults Only Videos

Yes, you read it right. You do not have to worry about your age to watch these videos. It is for everyone. You do not have to think about the cyber law to make these videos viral. And no, it does not include Paolo Bediones’ video nor any scandalous video of any celebrity for that matter. But they are equally interesting and relevant. It does involve a rape but not of someone. Nevertheless, it is of great importance that it must be stopped. I am talking about Mother Earth, Lady Environment, or simply Miss World.

Before I present these videos, questions must be asked. How many of us are really aware of the present crisis in the environment? Of those who are aware, how much do they know? And of those who know so much, how many does some action? I have to admit that these questions are not very easy to answer. We cannot just rely on what are being done now nor by the media exposure it is having. But the fact is, the crisis is escalating and the threats are mounting.


The challenge of educating the public, both the young and the old, is both very arduous and complicated aside from exhausting. Climate change is not like an infection which directly debilitates and makes its presence felt. Al Gore presented a good analogy of it when he likened it to a live frog in a kettle with water sitting on a very low fire. The frog is oblivious of the gradually increasing water temperature. Before the frog realizes it, the water is already boiling and the frog is doomed. The world now is warming up, gradually. It is so gradual that we are able to adapt to it. However, the time will come when adaptation is not enough. Worse, the devastations are so immense and rapid that we, no matter how prepared and equipped, could not do anything than watch and pray. The typhoon Ondoyexperience had shown it to us. Yolanda confirmed it. What more do we look for?

The young and the old, in fact, everyone, should be educated one way or the other and in varying degrees regarding climate change. Seminars, talks, and lectures might be difficult to most for some reasons. However, some videos had been made to suit age, profession, education, and status. In my experience, videos are very powerful in sending a message. Besides, everyone will always give a video a chance! I searched the net ( and found these very educational, graphic, easy to understand and interesting videos.

This video is so basic that it will easily make you understand what climate change is all about in terms of origin and dangers.


It gives another presentation of climate change and dwells on providing good tips to mitigate greenhouse gases.


This video presents to us the dangerous impacts of climate change to everything we do and offers a reliable solution. It challenges its viewers to spread the word and make a difference.


I chose this video to give emphasis to the fact that climate change is not a joke, a hoax, or just one of those calamities which we can deal with anyway. Climate change could lead to judgment day.


More good tips to mitigate and adapt are presented but it reminds us that we have to make that decision to fight climate change. It promotes urgency in making the decision.

These videos may be viewed during your leisure time but I do not guarantee not to spoil your time of rest. I suggest that you view it with your family, friends, and employees. Teachers may even include them in their syllables so school folks would have a chance to watch them. The point is to be educated and spread the word, as one of the videos stated. The more people are educated, the better it will be for everyone. This kind cannot be dealt with alone or by some. We are all IN this. Thus, we should all be ON this.

“The point in history at which we stand is full of promise and danger. The world will either move forward toward unity and widely shared prosperity—or it will move apart.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt


Photo credit: Green Prophet

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