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October 2, 2014

MRT Maintenance Provider Has Practically No Spare Parts

Viral Meme of Mar Roxas after the August 13 'Runaway Train' Incident

Viral Meme of Mar Roxas after the August 13 ‘Runaway Train’ Incident

No wonder the MRT keeps breaking down! The Maintenance Provider has NO SPARE PARTS!!!

If stock rails are to be the gauge, the Maintenance Provider has less than 10% of the required number of spare parts today.


A year ago, or on September 4, 2013, to be exact, when APT Global assumed the role of Temporary Maintenance Provider of the MRT, there were 29 pieces of stock rails. 29.

Upon inspection by former MRT OIC Honorilo Chaneco last August 20, after the August 13 incident of the runaway or uncoupling train happened, guess how many stock rails he found … 

26? 25? 20? No.

Half? No. Not even a third of the original 29.

The answer is: 2.5. Out of 29 stock rails a year ago when they were signed, Global APT, the MRT Maintenance Provider, now has ONLY 2.5 STOCK RAILS.


Under the maintenance contract, the Maintenance Provider is obligated to provide spare parts for the trains to ensure that it is running and safe.

Based on the provisions of the Maintenance Contract, the Maintenance Provider APT Global is obligated to “procure and deliver all necessary parts, which includes Stock Rails.”

In fact, Item 1.5 Title VIII, the section on Maintenance Specifications, of the maintenance contract states the Maintenance Provider is obligated to:

(1) … permanently adapt the level of stocks … to the actual needs resulting from the system conditions; and

(2) … ensure at all times that a commercially and technically adequate supply of spare parts is on hand for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and for Special Repairs.


Recently, it’s become normal to have an unlocked door panel just hanging loose overhead.


And glitches have become an almost everyday occurrence.




The DOTC says that it’s ok, anyway they are penalizing the Maintenance Provider for glitches.

Guess it’s ok when your life isn’t at risk everyday …




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