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September 14, 2016

Kapihan sa Manila Bay: FM Burial

Kapihan sa Manila Bay

Hosted by Marichu Villanueva, Columnist & Editor of the Philippine Star
Cafe Adriatico, Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila
September 14, 2016
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile
Former Sen. Francisco “Kit” Tatad
Fr. Dionito Cabillas of Selda


FM Burial, Pres. Duterte’s stance on international relations with US and China

This video will be broadcast live on our Youtube channel and website.
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(Editor’s note: The starting time may change due to scheduling constraints.)




  • We are bound by treaties. You cannot be independent if you committed to a group or to some bilateral agreement. It is good to maintain a posture if you have the means and alliance to maintain that posture. To be independent is to renounce all these commitments.
  • To lead is to chose – in the literal sense.
  • Sen. Enrile: In my speech during the bases agreement at that time – China at one time in the future will have to break out from its borders in order to seek resources, because they need it. It will be a necessity not because of anything else. Because of their national condition, they have billions to fend, half is poorer than ours. That is what China is doing now.
  • If we will not renounce America today – what will we have to defend ourselves?
  • You get equipment from China and Russia that are not compatible with our present military equipment, first you have to discard all our American equipment. That’s a lot of cost to us. Second, once we get those equipment, we’re locked into that logistical system. Can we be assured of replacements, especially spare parts? A steady source of supply in case of need?Suppose there’s a war between our suppliers [Russia/China] and our former allies [America], can we be assured that we can get supplies in order to defend ourselves whatever the opposition will be?
  • In the game of nations, emotions are not involved. It is a cold reality.
  • Sen. Kit Tatad: I fully support what has been said by Sen Enrile. What is happening now is that Pres Duterte is thinking aloud a lot. These are non scholarly analysis – these are projections stated out loud. It is taken by the media and becomes reality.
  • If you have to chose between two masters, you will end up being the slave of one.
  • Sen Enrile: Study the case of Egypt. All the equipment of Egypt is British. Nasser said, get the equipment from Russia. When Saddat shifted, they went to the Americans. Analyze it well, if it is for our benefit in the long run.
  • Sen. Tatad: There should be an in house arrangement and talk to the president so that the government has a single voice. There would be a written text about it. The day to day issues would be left to the spokesperson and leave the ‘big’ issues to be answered by the president.
  • Sen. Enrile: During the cold war, America used to go to each country for alliance. Now, the countries go to America for alliance. China has a large land army but in the coming wars – it will be fought over the air and sea. Russia has no navy [bottled up in the black sea].
  • How do we figure in that alliance? We are just an appendage of that alliance.
  • Sen. Enrile: Tito Mendoza crafted the baseline law [I sponsored it]. I agree with Pres Duterte. We maintain our territory domain. Outside that is covered by the UNCLOS. I agree with him in concept. It has to be studied in order to see if it is feasible without any cost to us.
  • Sen. Tatad: China is willing to talk as long as sovereignty is not discussed.
  • Sen. Enrile: Did you read Procamation 1081? If Pres Marcos didn’t declare Martial Law, what would have happened to the Philippines? What do you think will the government be right now?
  • Ang presidente, as the president of the country, he holds the military and the police force. He can use it to maintain order. To maintain order, you have to suppress violence. You only make a proclamation if you will proclame martial law. Suspension of habeas corpus is only used at a time of war or rebellion. Both conditions do not exist right now. Martial Law no longer has ‘any teeth’.
  • There was rebellion, muslim separatism, narcotics… Martial law was declared, we disarmed the country.
  • Sen. Tatad: Is the reason why the victims are against FM being buried in LBML it is because they haven’t received the claims?
  • Sen. Enrile: Federalism will not move without ‘government’. What kind of federalism does the people want? There is no “de Gaul” type formula – it is just for France because something happened to France back then. Or are they saying let’s remove the presidential system and replace it with parliamentary?
  • Fr. Cabillas – all we are asking is for the law to be implemented [reparation, remuneration, memorial].
  • Mr. Mallari: Acknowledgement for the wrong doing is what we waiting for.
  • Fr. Cabillas: We’d like to wait for the decision of the Supreme Court.
  • Sen. Tatad: Martial Law was a response for the existing situation. We haven’t even discussed the victims of the communist insurgency. If there was no Martial Law, we would have been a communist country.
  • Sen. Enrile: Thank you for opening these issues that the people will see all perspectives. History of our country is composed of a lot of viewpoints and issues. Not just the noisy ones, but even from the silent ones.

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