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November 15, 2018


Former senator Juan Ponce Enrile was arrested for plunder and because he was over 70 years old when the non-bailable offense was allegedly committed, he and his lawyers that he deserved bail. Surprisingly, the Supreme Court agreed. Now, after a few years, he is running again for the Senate.

Congresswoman Imelda Marcos seems to be using the same logic to avoid jail time while running again for public office. Too sick to be jailed after the conviction, but well enough to run for governor.

Why isn’t anyone asking – why did it take more than 2 decades (27 years) for Imelda to get a conviction? A conviction that isn’t even final since she can still file for a motion for reconsideration and appeal it to the Supreme Court later on. Why hasn’t she been arrested?

A copy of the Sandiganbayan’s conviction:

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