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May 21, 2019


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Some guys just can’t take a hint.
Mar Roxas ran for Vice President in 2010 and lost. Emboldened instead of discouraged by this, he ran for President in 2016 and lost again. Humbled but still determined, and possibly in the hopes of running for president yet again in the future, he ran for Senator this 2019 … and lost again.
And he didn’t even just do a Risa Hontiveros and lose by a rank. At number 16 with only 9.7 Million votes, he is far behind even twice charged plunderer Jinggoy Estrada, who got 11.3 Million votes, and Senators JV Ejercito (14.2 Million votes) and Bam Aquino (14 Million votes). He didn’t even garner 10 Million votes; Jinggoy was ahead of him by over 1.5 Million votes.

If anyone is still wondering why Roxas lost (including Mar Roxas), let’s spell it out: it’s because people have not forgotten Mar’s failures – from his failure to address the emergency that was Yolanda to his failure to address the MRT problems that started and were exacerbated when he became DOTC Secretary.

Maybe now that he is definitely out of the picture, the government can finally resolve issues such as the questionable purchase of Dalian trains by the Aquino Administration, the anomalies of which are discussed in the attached case filed by the Anti Trapo Movement.

Let’s hope that with Mar Roxas unable to meddle, the Duterte administration can finally make a better MRT one its legacies.

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