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October 16, 2018


It is unfortunate that our archaic election laws haven’t caught up with the technology. This means the spending limits for candidates do not cover social media, only traditional media. Even before the certificates of candidacy have been filed, there are certain candidates that have started churning and creating their own PR machines. Now you have politicians posting info on their own accounts [and fan-based group accounts] to help distinguish the “real news” from the fake news in a bid to protect their image and reputation. Some have tried to turn themselves into brands by creating silly slogans. Some have tried the age-old technique of rallying behind a convenient cause that they feel will stick to their name. In social media, troll accounts [both personal and group fan pages] have increased and hundreds of memes for and against political parties are being churned every day. Once all CoCs (certificates of candidacy) have been filed, the gloves will come off and political mudslinging both online and offline will go on hyper drive.

Some strongly believe that social media hits and followers can sway the voting public’s choice of candidates. I believe the 2019 Elections, and not 2016 Presidential elections will be the true test of that theory.

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