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July 22, 2017


Zamboanga Rep. Celso Lobregat supports Martial Law extension in Mindanao

Zamboanga Rep. Celso Lobregat supports Martial Law extension in Mindanao

With the tense voting today in the joint session of Congress on whether or not to extend Martial Law in Mindanao, it seems logical to consider the opinion of the representatives from the area to be subjected to Martial Law.

Rep. Celso Lobregat of the Zambaonga City’s first congressional district believes that Martial Law should be extended.

Even if the terrorism attacks have been in Marawi, Lobregat in a statement expressed his support for an extension of Martial Law. “This will do good in Zamboanga City and Mindanao (in terms of peace and security),” the Congressman said, emphasizing that what is important is that the local terrorists movement is neutralized and their activities and cohorts are suppressed.

Lobregat expressed confidence in the decision to extend Martial Law and expand it to cover the entire Mindanao as he believes there were no reported abuses committed by the security forces since the declaration of Martial Law in May when Maute terror group members backed by Abu Sayyaf bandits occupied several establishments in Marawi City.

The solon, however, clarified that declaring Martial Law in the entire country is another story.

The 60-day declaration of Martial Law expire midnight today, July 22.

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