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April 19, 2014

Rebuilding the Church of God

St. Jude

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13)

During the Holy Week, we recall the ultimate sacrifice of God’s dearly beloved son. Jesus loves us so much that He took every mockery, lashing, and humiliation from the crowd. While all they did was hurt Him, He in turn gave forgiveness. It is this love that saved us―His life for ours.

Stations of the Cross

On Maundy Thursday, Catholics the world over once again participated in the tradition of Visita Iglesia, a tradition of visiting seven churches to pray the Stations of the Cross and reflect on whether or not we are truly living our lives the way God wants us to. For some, it becomes even more meaningful when they walk from station to station in each church while praying with family and friends. (One of the hallmarks of a Roman Catholic Church is the presence of markers at various points of the church for each “station” of the cross, from the first ‘station’ which talks of when Jesus was condemned to death to the last ‘station’ which talks of when Jesus was laid in his tomb.)

San Beda

We Filipinos are fortunate enough to have majestic churches. The sight alone makes us proud because it shows how much we revere our faith in the Lord Almighty.

San Sebastian Church

The Manila Cathedral, for example, just reopened its doors after two years of renovation. Sadly, while the Manila Cathedral is being launched anew, another church is in danger. During the Homily last Thursday, the parish priest of the San Sebastian church shared that this institution of both worship and architecture is in dire need of renovation. San Sebastian is known as the biggest all-steel church in the world. Steel may be sturdy, but over time, it also needs to be fixed, just like any human-made material.

Last July, for instance, the church was flooded for the first time after a heavy downpour. In the past, it would be able to withstand even the worst of storms without getting flooded. The need for reconstruction and repair is urgent as every day that passes by makes it vulnerable to even further damage. The priest appealed for financial help to save this church, emphasizing that every peso that we give, no matter how small, will surely help.

The Lord’s Temple

But more important than rebuilding the physical structure of churches nationwide is the importance of rebuilding the people of God. WE are the church, and we are responsible for one another. Many of our brothers and sisters are begging for help. If we have been blessed, then we must share what we have, especially to the last and the least.


Have we done enough for our church? This Holy Week, let us work hand-in-hand to rebuild one another as well as our place of worship.


Photos by Gold Quetulio / San Sebastian photos from Wikimedia Commons

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One Comment on “Rebuilding the Church of God”

  • Alma says April 19, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    This is so true. Everyone should help in rebuilding the church and rebuilding the people of God!



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