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February 14, 2015

Flowers for Valentine’s Day: What’s All the Fuss?

Sweet is thy boyfriend or husband when he gives you flowers, sweeter when he gives these on Valentine’s day, and the sweetest when he takes the time to choose the best from the various ones on display.

A lot of us give credit to the men for all the effort they go through just to give us flowers (of course, it’s not easy to fall in line in Dangwa, save enough money to buy our preferred flower and color, etc.). But how many of us also give credit to the florists, the flower shop owners, and the flower vendors? While waiting for a cab, I observed a flower shop nearby and was blown by what I discovered…

Flowers for Valentines04

1. Yes, they earn a lot but they also make sure you get your money’s worth.

Two days before Valentines day and the prices of roses and other flowers have gone up to four or five times its normal price. But for a person who is in love, giving flowers just to see that sweet smile and glimmer in her eyes is just priceless. Indeed, walang mahal sa taong nagmamahal.   

Vic, the proprietor of the flower shop, shared that even if their flowers are expensive on the day of hearts, they reciprocate this by offering quality items which the men will proudly give to their loved ones.

Flowers for Valentines10

2. Delivery should be right and on time. No excuses.    

I saw the basket brimming with receipts which are then taped on the bouquet that matches its description. Each receipt is checked, double checked, and triple checked. The staff makes sure the order is correct, the arrangement looks perfect, and that it remains fresh and beautiful when it is delivered. After lining them up in a section aloted for each city, instructions are repeatedly given to those who will deliver these.

“The lady works here in Ortigas. Make sure you deliver these by 10AM. She’s in the office around that time,” says a flower vendor to the delivery boy.

Flowers for Valentines03

3. It’s not just the men who are buying flowers.

Some men passed by and bought bouquets. Some were in their car, chose a stem or a bouquet, then drove off, like it was a drive thru flower shop. While these were a common sight, I was surprised to see ladies buying flowers.

One bought for her mom while explaining to her colleague that Valentine’s day is not just for lovers but for everyone who gives selfless love, just like parents to their children. The other one I saw was looking for something to buy for her boyfriend. “What?”, she tells her friend who gave her the seriously-girls-don’t-give-guys-flowers look. “Should it always be the men who should do the giving? He’s lonely. Maybe flowers will cheer him up,” she argues.

Flowers for Valentines11

4. Everything is an art.

It’s not just the flowers. It’s also the ribbon, the sinamay, the colored paper, the basket, the leaves, etc. Every part of the arrangement is important. Even if the bouquets were already inside the van for delivery, the florist still checked the fold of the clear plastic, the twirl of the ribbon, and other details that will put the spotlight on the flower arrangement.

The flower business teaches the value of creative imagination, organization, and perfection.

Flowers for Valentines05

5. The flower business is not a walk through the rose garden.

Carrying heavy bouquets of flowers, constantly cleaning the workspace, calling on friends and family to help out in the delivery because of the sudden increase of orders. And while all these are happening, one of them slipped because of the spilled water on the floor. I can see that they are already tired. Still, they are patient and cheerful to both onlookers and buyers.

Flowers for Valentines17

Like those in the foodservice industry, the florists, the flower shop owners, and the flower vendors are the unsung heroes of Valentine’s day. I am amazed by the sacrifice they go through just to make everyone happy especially on the day of hearts.

Selfless love. This quaint flower shop at St. Francis Square taught me that.

Flowers for Valentines14
Mega Flower Shop

St. Francis Square, Julia Vargas cor. Bank Dr., Mandaluyong City

425-1363, (0920) 562-2027

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One Comment on “Flowers for Valentine’s Day: What’s All the Fuss?”

  • Alma Dayag says February 15, 2015 at 8:00 am

    Nice article… Indeed, flowers is one of the languages of love. Good that my hubby surprised me with a bouquet of flowers too… Happy Valentine’s Day everyone



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