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August 9, 2018


Online shopping has really gotten big in the last few years and it just keeps getting bigger. Recently I spoke to a friend of mine who loves to buy stuff online and she told me that her latest shopping site is Shopee. Curious to see what was getting her all excited I downloaded the app and did some window shopping myself.

Here are some of the things I discovered…

  1. If it’s a bargain you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. It has been dubbed an “online Divisoria” and when you start browsing you’ll know why. Actually, it’s not just Divisoria—it’s Divisoria, Greenhills and Cash & Carry all in one site. It has everything from luxury bags to perfumes to electronics to supplements. Just to see the range of items they had, I searched for Creed Aventus, one of the best selling and best smelling perfumes in the market now and exclusively sold by Rustan’s in the Philippines, and they had it. Of course, it’s fake, but, nevertheless, they had it.
    What gave it away? The bottle on the site has a different look from the real bottle. It is also being sold in 120ml sizes and Creed doesn’t sell it in that size. Then there’s the price—it retails on Shopee starting at P488.00 but the actual retail price from Creed starts at P22,000.
  2. Fake goods are a dime a dozen. Not surprising because we all know counterfeit items are common here in the Philippines but it really goes to show how big of a market there is for these kinds of products. They have fake goods in most, if not all, categories. I don’t advocate buying anything counterfeit (buy at your own risk!) but I don’t judge those who do buy them. I am, however, an advocate of making sure you get your money’s worth with every purchase. Don’t just look at the brand, look at the quality.
  3. Expect to get your money’s worth. This particular seller’s post explains it clearly…
  4. There are a ton of items to choose from. Don’t be discouraged by the fake items if that’s not your thing. Just keep scrolling! If I were in a physical store seeing all the items, I would probably walk out the door because I would be overwhelmed by all the items on display. The beauty of Shopee, and online shopping in general, is that even if it can still be overwhelming, it becomes manageable because it’s just on your screen. I had the most fun browsing the home entertainment and home & living categories so make sure you check those out.
  5. Even if you’re not buying stuff, browsing is equally entertaining. It’s always fun to see what’s out there and to be able to do it anytime, anywhere makes it even more fun.

I’m all for a good shopping spree and with everything available at the click of a finger it’s easy to just keep clicking and adding to your shopping cart but, as I talked about in my previous post about the downside of fast fashion, let’s not forget to be mindful consumers and to only buy things that we really need.



Photos from Creed Boutique and Shopee

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