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March 1, 2018


I’ve always thought that nose hair grooming was more of a concern for men. I was wrong. Ladies need to be on top of their nose hair grooming, too. According to my makeup artist friend, it is something that she does for all of her clients because you never know what people can capture in HD, especially when the camera zooms in. Sometimes the nose hair is so faint you won’t even notice it but it’s there and someone with a trained eye (or if someone just keeps staring at you) will notice it. No one can escape that kind of scrutiny these days. Take Brad Pitt as an example. Even his nose hair became a news item on TMZ in 2010.

The electric nose trimmer seems to be the most popular option for grooming. The first time I saw this kind of product was in an episode of the first generation of Queer Eye (For the Straight Guy). There was an episode where this guy had bushes coming out of his nose and Kyan (the grooming expert) gave him a lesson on how to use an electric nose trimmer. I remember thinking to myself how painful that must be. It was like an epilator but for the nose. I’m sure nose hair technology has been vastly improved since then and products are probably less painful now but it still just seems so wrong.

If electric isn’t your thing, you are left to trim your nose hair the old fashioned way—either pluck it or cut it with a pair of grooming scissors. For some plucking might be less painful because you’re doing it one at a time but I think that’s just as painful as zapping it by the bunch with an electric nose hair trimmer. The painless way to do it would really be to just cut it with scissors. The thing with scissors is—even if you’re using a small pair—you need to make sure you do it slowly but surely so you don’t cut your skin in the process. Grooming scissors are small but they can still cut you if you aren’t careful.

I was resigned to the idea that nose hair grooming was a hassle and then I chanced upon the latest nose hair trimmer of CALA in PCX. I think they are the only store that has this. I haven’t seen this anywhere else.

I didn’t know what to make of it when I first saw it. It looks more like an ear pick than a nose trimmer, right? I had to ask the sales person what the heck it was and how to use it. My verdict? It’s brilliant, guys!

It functions like a tweezer but the round portion at the end is a cutter! You just stick it in your nose and cut away. The round design ensures that only your hair gets cut and that there is no discomfort when you stick it up your nose. The tweezer-like technology makes it super easy to use. Plus it’s also super affordable. Now there really is no more excuse to not trim those nose hairs—boy or girl.

Happy grooming!



Photos from TMZ and Cala


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